Tips On Masking A Floor Before Painting

Protecting the floor during a painting project should be at the top of the list for anyone who is thinking about starting a painting project. While it may seem obvious to require floor protection, you would be shocked at the number of people who completely forget about it until it is too late because the project is already underway. Here are some tips on protecting the floor during a painting project.

1. Choose quality materials. Too many people will try and get away with a flimsy old bed sheet or newspapers to protect the floor. This will simply just not cut it. You need to choose Lightweight Floor Protection that is still durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, ladders and other equipment being placed upon it, and even paint accidentally spilling on it. That’s right, it’s not just small drips of paint you need to watch out for, it is also entire cans of paint being kicked over because somebody was not paying attention. Don’t laugh, it happens too far often to not be prepared for it.

2. Before any protection is laid down on the floor, make sure to either sweep if the floor is made from hardwood or vacuum if the floor is covered in carpet. Any loose debris may scratch the actual floor itself after it has been covered. How is that possible? It is due to the fact that people will be walking upon it and the weight from their bodies will dig the debris into the floor and cause gouges.

3. Fold the protective material that is placed down on the floor, do not cut it. No matter what the material is made from, if it cut, it may get stray pieces into the paint itself and ruin the finish of the paint job. This is obviously not something you want to have happened during the project.

4. Instead of a low-rent piece of fabric tossed on the floor for protection, go for a more modern material such as those offered by companies like Trimaco. They are completely synthetic and offer the ultimate in not only paint spills but in scratch protection, gouge protection, and other accidents which are just waiting to happen. By following these simple tips, you can be assured that you will have a nice clean floor once the project is done. Don’t settle for less.

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