Top tips for creating a great membership blog

A blog is a great way to engage with your members and provide them with regular value. Here are some tips for getting your new blog right and seeing the best possible results.

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1. Get the basics right

Make sure every blog you write has a great title, images, text and links. Where possible, include a video. Add a posting date, a comments facility, and links to other articles.

2. Decide on your audience

You can blog publicly for gentle promotional reasons or privately for added-value to existing menus. Where discussed blog topics are sensitive or confidential, they should be kept internal. Of course, you can blog separately to each audience.

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3. Set a theme

It is helpful to create a theme that will become consistent over time. This applies to the visual look and feel, which should be in line with your brand, and to the content type, tone and identity of the blogger. Think about topics that will be relevant to your readers and will offer value.

3. Create great content

Your content should include keywords and phrases in different variations that help to boost your online presence. A great headline will encourage readership, while simple, plain English – without jargon – will help your audience to engage with the content. Always know why you are writing before you begin to blog, keeping this purpose in mind at all times.

4. Update the blog regularly

A blogging schedule is essential to ensure your audience begins to anticipate your blog and builds interest in your content. A regular schedule will mean that readers are visiting your website on a regular basis and as a habit to obtain the latest information, news and advice. Membership management software systems from providers such as can assist with this process.

5. Look for engagement

Look for different ways to engage with your members through the blog. Ask for comments and pose questions or start a discussion if possible. To be credible, remember that you need to be ready to respond to both positive and negative commentary. Don’t run the risk of over-moderating and losing your reputation. Allow discussion to be open and contribute actively.

6. Persevere

It takes time to build up a strong blog following and to get the process right. Invest in the process, listen, and keep improving.

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