Trends in wedding decoration 2016

Wedding decoration is as important as the costumes, makeup and restaurant. She is responsible for surprise our guests and make them feel comfortable. So in TiffanyHines we introduce the trends in wedding decoration 2016.

Flowers, delicate pastel colors, natural materials and trends halfway between vintage and bohemian chic. In this article you will find the most important keys to a tale wedding.

Wedding Decoration
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Outstanding Sites

What is vintage fashion? A good example of this is the trend in interior design that bid to regain workshops and factories rehabilitated corners to make them fashionable. A trend that makes the leap to the wedding. So, before you start talking about wedding decoration, should choose the most appropriate place to celebrate the big day.

More and more couples choose to celebrate their wedding in unique and picturesque places such as a fully restored old factory, industrial-style loft, a small house in the countryside or even a museum. These unique places help us get a magical atmosphere for a different and creative wedding. So, remember that there are many other possibilities besides traditional wedding halls, hotels and similar places.

Romantic flowers

As much as trends change, there is one detail that will remain very present in wedding decoration: flowers! Whatever type of wedding we want to celebrate; flowers are a must on this day. Even if we speak of trends for 2016 weddings opt for wildflowers, roses, lavender and hydrangeas.

Wedding Decoration
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Vintage and bohemian nature

As far as furniture is concerned, triumph vintage designs with much charm. Antiques coexist perfectly with the romance of flowers and the delicacy of the traditional pastel shades. A style that is present not only in furniture, but also in textiles and even accessories like glasses, crockery and table decoration.

Wooden furniture of aged appearance brings us a trend that will be starring in wedding decoration 2016: bohemian and vintage chic. Romantic, natural, bucolic and ancient Aires emerge as the ultimate trend of 2016.

As in any self-respecting decoration, we must not lose sight of accessories. Decorative centers and bouquets of flowers dress the table with lots of charm. But what really will trend in 2016 is hanging a table center that is suspended from the ceiling.

Industrial and chic aesthetics

All these ideas help us to decorate a wedding bohemian chic and vintage style touches. Although the most modern and urban, brides may feel identified with the industrial aesthetic own spaces rehabilitated, as a contemporary loft or a former factory restored. Another trend that also will star decoration wedding in 2016.

This type of decoration commitment contrasts. Ample space with brick walls and wooden furniture pickled give way to more classic pieces such as chandeliers and chairs crosshead. Without forgetting either from the lights and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling that light view and put the industrial touch to the environment.

Wedding Decoration
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The fever Call

If you have attended a wedding in recent years, surely you know another proposal that will be trend in 2016: creative photography and videos. We are of course talking about the famous Call.

There are companies who are responsible for organizing everything and put at our disposal all kinds of decorative accessories and props, such as wigs, hats, glasses, mustaches, letters … The photocall was the star of many events throughout 2015 and It will remain next year. So if you plan to stay for the vicarage, you can not forget the photocall.

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