Vegetarians and overweight, is it possible?

Many are those who point to a vegetarian diet with the ultimate goal of losing weight, but in reality, there are many overweight vegetarians. Here we tell you why this is possible.

Vegans with excess calories

Although we all believe that the basis of a vegan diet are fruits and vegetables, the reality is that there are many other plant foods that may become vegans from consuming excess calories.

Not only can you achieve if we base an unbalanced diet all fried dishes in only vegetables or cereals and cereal products, but also can tilt the balance towards an excess of energy that causes the progressive weight gain.

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On the other hand, there are a lot of plant foods of poor nutritional quality and high calorie concentrated in them, so it is not difficult to think that vegans or vegetarians can also consume excess calories and being overweight.

The most common causes of overweight vegans

Although there may be many factors that lead to overweight, the main modifiable reasons or causes frequently overweight vegans are as follows:

  • Abusing refined grains and sugars, that is, consumed daily, almost uniquely, pasta, rice, flour, sugar and / or foods that contain them.
  • Eating too much fried food, that is, having this cooking method as the predominant diet, and consume from tofu to several fried seitan and vegetables.
  • Choose juices or vegetable milk drink as usual diet, implying a daily consumption of 2000 ml fluid to provide an average of about 40 Kcal per 100 ml.This can clearly lead to excess heat which promotes weight gain.
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle, it i.e. no physical activity and if consume calories in high proportions that fail to be balanced with energy expenditure and therefore long-term, may be the cause of overweight.
  • Always consume processed foods or processed, that while much facilitate the task of cooking at home, you can add calories, fat and sugar to poor quality diet.In fact, many energy-laden foods sold in vegan restaurants such as tempura vegetables, french fries, pastries, sweets, vegan burgers or pizzas, among others.
  • Abusing the quantities consumed, i.e. choosing good quality food but eating large portions that provide calories in proportions greater than necessary.

All these are common errors that may be present in vegetarian diets and that usually causes of overweight vegans.

The only way to fix them is to plan adequate food, both in quality and quantity to avoid excess calories and prevent nutritional deficiencies so, caring in every way the health of the organism.

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Tips for vegans looking to lose weight

If you are vegetarian and you are overweight, it is important to identify the cause of it, then perhaps only reverse or prevent the same solutions your problem with the scale.

If you still do not manage to lose weight easily, you have some tips and / or tricks that can help:

  • Quantify what you eat, especially energy foods to see if you’re going with lots to eat.For example, limiting the amount of nuts and seeds, tablespoons oil and cereal rations and / or derivatives.
  • Select satisfying food, high in fiber and protein, such as legumes, raw or fresh vegetables, fruits with their skin, and dishes that contain them.
  • Avoid soft drinks, vegetable flavored milks and / or added sugar and alcoholic beverages and commercial juices.
  • Cook and eat more at home, always sitting at the table without distractions and try to put only one serving before your eyes when eating.
  • Move everything possible to increase calorie expenditure and thus, balance and / or expend more energy than you consume.
  • Choose whole grains in place of refined and consumed them in the early morning, leaving for dinner and more vegetable protein foods such as soy, for example.

Given these tips and the most common causes of overweight vegetarians, you can easily reverse the excess kilos in your body and sign a more nutritious and balanced vegan diet.

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