Wasting time: I tried to study but …

When we will put to study everything that surrounds us seems more interesting than ever. Even a speck of dust can become the best hobbies. There are many distractions, and now, with the advent of the Internet, many more. That’s why then will number seven situations that make our imagination starts to fly to the time to get to school, and make it impossible that we focus. Also, we give solution to these distractions to ensure effective study using less time. If you want your learning is fast, effective and useful carefully read these seven tips…

Study Tips
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Troubleshooting the time to get to school

  1. Study in front of a window: Studying in front of a window that has a view to a busy street is an insured distraction. We can spend hours watching who goes, it does, where it goes … To fix this, you get to study in an area where the views of the window give a side street. It is important to remember that it is very beneficial to study with natural light.
  2. Unexpected guests: It seems that everyone is waiting to put us study to want to know us and talk to us. To avoid such situations should tell everyone that you are about to study, do not bother.
  3. Sudden hunger: When we come to study us always come a hunger that makes us feel the need to go to the kitchen to see what we can eat, and take wander around the house. Well, is not hunger, is boredom. Council to prevent this from happening: Eat before you get to study, not much because if you overdo it you notice you tired and heavy, and this is not beneficial for the study. Always have a water bottle and drink continuously.
  4. Social networks: It is the time to get to study when we wake up this interest in seeing that it has been through social networks, research and gossip. All this can take a long time. To avoid these temptations off the computer before you begin to study and put it as far as possible, you can also disable your account temporarily not be tempted to look. It is best to study in a room without a computer.
  5. The phone: It always seems that when we study is when people talk to us, and if it does and we are watching to see if your mobile phone is turned on the light, vibrating … or give any sign that someone wants to contact you. The quietly put solution is not entirely effective, because you spend hours turning the screen to see if you notice. The best solution is to have the phone out of the sight and reach, a good strategy is to ask someone to save you.
  6. Order: It is the time to get to study when we enter this responsibility and tidiness, and seek perfection and order in our room. Tip: Collects and sorts your room before you get to school. The study table should also be clean and uncluttered, without anything to distract us and make us not concentrate on the study.
  7. Losing scheduling study time study: When we come to study felt the need to know how much we have, how much we have studied … organize for the fourteenth time seems the best solution where we need to arrive, we will study tomorrow … To prevent this loss of absurd time, get organized only once. As much as you count what’s left it is not going to reduce. Follow your initial planning and all will be well.

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