What consumers want to find on the website of a restaurant?

Internet and, especially, mobile, have completely transformed all our daily activities: how we communicate, inform us or buy, and in the latter case, that includes both products and services.

In fact, more and more users consulting the website of a restaurant before deciding whether to go or not there for dinner and that is something that restaurateurs should consider to offer a good first impression: the website is today as showcase any business (but more powerful).

Website of a restaurant
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But what consumers expect when theyvisit the site of a restaurant?To find out, Couponbox conducteda surveyof more than 1,000 people and the first conclusion is that consumers are increasingly turning to theInternet (either via computer or mobile) to get information about a restaurant, and usually do before taking the purchase decision.

In addition, respondents to order repayment, from most to least important, they wanted to find information on the website of a restaurant was requested.Most importantly, in order, find the menu, prices, photos of the dishes, nutritional or calorie information and schedule.

While the importance of the menu and its price seems obvious, it may surprise more importance is given to the pictures, although as explained from Couponbox, it makes sense that users want to see the dishes to decide if they are sufficiently palatable to try “Given that photos are important, restaurateurs should give greater emphasis to professional photography, as lighting, texture and proper presentation are not available to a single click of the camera smartphone”.

47% of Internet users have used their mobile to search for a restaurant

The report also reveals what actions that consumers perform most often in the smartphone when they are looking to dine.And it is common to directly search for a restaurant: either the pursuit of inspiration when you’re in an unfamiliar city or just to remember the address of a restaurant recently recommended are 47% of respondents who had used their mobile for this.

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But it was very similar also the percentage of those who had used the phone to discover the menu of a restaurant (46%) to find the address or telephone number of the same (44%) to check the schedule (40%) to read reviews (38%) or even to make a reservation (25%) directly.On the other hand, the use of online coupons restaurant is also on the agenda, and with fashion, is one of the sectors which make greater use of this promotional tool: 24% of respondents had used a coupon via mobile in a restaurant.

The report also emphasizes the importance of responsive design websites, since the percentage of users accessing via mobile is growing.However, 30% of the restaurants (according to other data Couponbox) websites has not adapted to the small screens, and there are establishments that do not even have web page, which pose a clear competitive disadvantage.With consumers increasingly connected, they are likely to give preference to those restaurants with attractive photos and easy navigation through the phone that allows quick access to key information such as location, phone or schedule.

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