What if your iPhone or iPad has been blocked after upgrading to iOS 9

The firmware update of a device seems simple, but the truth is that a mistake in the process could even result that our mobile or tablet dies forever. Of course, that does not usually happen, but the fact is that with every update brings new problems to devices, and it seems that in the case of iOS 9 have users who cannot start their iPhone or iPad after updating. What to do?

Identify the problem

Identify the problem with your iPhone or iPad will not help to solve the problem, but can be very useful to try to find a solution that also give Apple will not know. The answer if you call Support will be to restore the device and install a backup. However, most likely not have a full backup of your device. Therefore, you should pinpoint exactly what the problem is, when crashes and what you can do.

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iPhone or iPod locked
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Repeat the process

Some users have an iPhone or iPad after updating blocked in the final configuration window to use the device. They are blocks in the latest WiFi and iCloud settings. In fact, it hangs in a window that says “Slide to upgrade” but the screen does not respond. You should know that although the screen does not respond could do two things. The first one is to press the power button until the iPhone or iPad are off. The second is to press the power button and the center button on the screen simultaneously, and press them until the iPhone or iPad will restart and displayed the logo apple Apple. So, if you are locked in some way, reboot and try to repeat the process because maybe in one of those occasions, for some reason, the error does not appear.

Modify the process

Chances are that your iPhone or iPad is locked due to an error of small importance, and that any changes you can make in the startup process configuration is useful to prevent this problem from happening again. Thus, through the process with modifications. For example, you can try to press all the options as quickly as possible. If it is a problem that occurs after a time from the ignition, it is possible you finish the process before this problem will be forthcoming. You can also do the opposite, leave plenty of time between each of the steps of home. If you have WiFi settings, try another network, you can share from your mobile, or disconnect your connection to see if the iOS device reacts differently. Even in the window that is blocked and you cannot move, you can try to turn the screen off and on again, press the power buttons, the middle button or the power button, and see if you manage to solve the problem.

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Restore the iPhone or iPad

If none of this works, you must restore the iPhone or iPad, and will need to perform this process from iTunes, from your computer. Connect iPhone or iPad to your computer, and restart (the iOS device). You will see that connects to iTunes, and iTunes probably will tell you that there is a problem with the device. You will see options Restore and Update. Test first with the latter, because the process can update from iTunes solve the problem. However, if not, you will have to restore. Once restored it will need to install the backup you had your device.

What if you have no backup?

The big problem is that many users have no backup of your device. It is logical. If we consider that the iPhone or iPad are much easier to use than a computer, how complex it is iTunes, and the fact that iCloud only have 5GB of memory in the cloud, it is not unusual to have many users do not have a backup of your iPhone or iPad. You should know, though, that if what happens to your iPhone or iPad is that you are locked in the boot process, when you connect to iTunes you can make a backup. As we have said, it is only a small error that is causing this problem, but the device should work the same. So, before you restore, make a backup from iTunes, it should be possible, and then restore it.

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