What Makes a Great Scrum Master?

Do you believe that you’re a great scrum master, or are you aware that you could step up more? Check out the five tips below to see if you’re really doing the best you can for your Agile team.

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1. Take Responsibility Without Taking Over

While scrum masters are not responsible for making the actual product, as Forbes points out, they are responsible for the team’s performance and practice of Scrum. That responsibility involves striking a balance between regular checking-in with team members and giving the team the autonomy to solve their own problems. Think of yourself as guiding a collection of individuals to become far greater together than they ever could be alone.

2. Communicate and Facilitate

This may seem obvious. However, communication takes many forms: truly listening to your team, making suggestions, understanding issues and dealing with other stakeholders. If you develop expertise in all these areas, it’s far easier to resolve impediments and clear the path for your team.

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3. Follow the Agile Principles

And by that, we mean really follow them, and encourage your team to do the same. This might mean becoming something of a taskmaster – for example, ensuring that your team members all participate in the daily scrum and contribute to retrospectives. Push the team to fix their own issues, guard against complacency and improve every sprint, and they should come to appreciate your confidence in their abilities.

4. Be Open to Learning

It’s not just your team who can improve. Even if you already have extensive product and Agile knowledge, you may benefit from further training to best serve your team. If you want to explore further scrum master training Dublin has a number of excellent options, such as www.althris.com.

5. Celebrate Success

One of your basic roles is to make the team look good. If they do something amazing, be sure to shout about it in your organisation, and be proud to celebrate with them (even if that’s just providing a box of cakes). And if they’re doing great work, then tell them – a little praise is always well received!

A scrum master is vital for the success of a development team. A great scrum master truly understands their role within that team and relishes the challenges and responsibilities it brings.


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