Why holidays in the UK are the best of all

A holiday abroad during the summer isnt the be all and end all of holidays. There are so many things to do and see in the UK, but sadly people often miss out in favour of jetting off to another country. Heres why you should consider having a holiday in the UK.

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The Scottish Highlands

Did you know that the UK is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world? If youre looking for beautiful scenery and wonderful heritage, theres no better place to be than Scotland. Taking a walk through the Scottish Highlands is breathtaking (even if you do need to take a rain coat with you!) If you have dogs, its a great family holiday and youll find plenty of places to stay that allow pets. If youre passing through, dont forget to stop in Edinburgh and visit the castle while witnessing the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Theme parks

If you have a young family, the UK offers a fantastic choice of theme parks to explore. The problem is, theyre often so big its difficult to get around them in just one day. Why not make the most of it and have a short stay? Shop around to find the best deals on tickets for Alton Towers, LegoLand and Sea Life.

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Welsh camping

Theres nothing like a bit of Welsh sea air to bring you back to life. There are hundreds of spots throughout Wales where you can enjoy a long, relaxing walk on the beach and a swim in the sea: not to mention the fantastic fish and chip shops! Why not rent a camper van from Welsh Coast Campers and leave all the fuss of camping in a tent behind? Welsh Coast Campers makes it easy for you to enjoy yourself and keep your belongings safe while you venture through the wonders Wales has to offer.

York & Bath

If youre into your architecture, youll find some fabulous historical buildings and churches. When youre in York, why not take part in the local ghost trail? Youll get some great information about the city, some exciting stories and myths, and a scare! The people are very welcoming, there are plenty of B&Bs within walking distance of main attractions, and youll always find a great cup of tea.

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