Why you should get into dirt biking

If you’ve decided you want to add a little adrenaline to your life and fancy some extreme activities, you might be finding that they are all somewhat expensive or inaccessible. That’s why you should consider dirt biking. Right from the get-go, you’d be amazed at how good this form of exercise is for your body. Be prepared to get a bit muddy but here are some of the incredible benefits of getting into motocross:

Your Heart

Engaging in this activity increases your heart rate much more than a simple jog or low-impact exercise. A not-too-taxing bike ride can raise your heart rate to the mid-130s. As you become more experienced and partake in a run with obstacles and jumps for examples, you can expect your heart rate to hit the mid-150s.

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Your Strength

Even though you’re riding a motorised machine, you will still require body strength to execute the turns, lifts and controls on your bike. All muscle groups are engaged, the quads and hamstrings in particular while navigating uneven ground. You’ll need strength in your arms as well to lift and lower the handle bars when performing jumps. Safety is always a priority at motocross events, so you can have peace of mind that an Event Medical Cover company like https://outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover/ will be at hand.

Your Balance

To keep your balance on the bike, your leg muscles will be busy. Dirt biking is a real full-body workout as your core muscles are busy bracing against obstacles in the terrain and keeping your balanced and central on the bike.

Your Endurance

The time spent engaging in the activity will improve your overall cardiovascular health and in turn, your endurance. The basic act of operating the hand gears and pedals over rough terrain for an hour, for example, is a good amount of exercise for the whole body.

Fresh Air

Dirt biking is a great way to encourage people of all ages and abilities to leave the comfort of the couch and het outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine have a multitude of health benefits such as battling stress and depression and providing nutrients to the body.

Calorie Burning

The ability to keep the bike balanced over a series of bumps and jumps uses many different muscle groups in the core, the legs and the arms. This is a great way to burn off calories.

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Mental Stimulation

Riding activates the pre-frontal parts of the brain and this is where you’ll improve your cognitive functions. It has been shown in scientific studies that those who ride a motorbike regularly have a higher level of brain stimulation than those who have not ridden for a while. So, if you want to stay sharp, get on that bike!

Your Posture

Posture has a big impact on how effectively you balance the bike and your riding ability. Whilst improving your posture can benefit riding ability and might be employed solely for that reason, you’ll likely find that those posture improvements carry over into your everyday life off the bike too.


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