Wood Windows: What You Need To Know

Homeowners have a wide variety of options from which to choose when it comes to picking the right windows for the home. But selecting the right exterior windows isn’t always so easy at first. There are many different factors to consider based on the type of home you own, the surrounding climate, even the size of the windows can play a part in your selection process.

Choosing the best frame will present you with a number of tough options as they all have distinct pros and cons. How you manage these advantages and drawbacks requires taking into account everything from the climate you live in to the amount of maintenance you want to perform to ensure that your new windows look their best at all times.

But when it comes to finding the right frames for your home, one of the most popular options chosen by homeowners just like you is wood. It’s a material that is well-suited for just about any type of home and it can withstand the environmental impacts that surround the exterior of the property year round.

Many homeowners ask us about wood windows and we always tell them the same thing: wood is affordable, long-lasting, and versatile enough to fit with any exterior décor. If you are in the market for new exterior window frames, wood is the choice to consider. Read on to learn more about how wood frames can beautify your home.

Why Wood Works

Wood frames can bring about a traditional and classic aesthetic and with the resilient qualities that come standard with this type of material, it’s easy to see why wood is the obvious choice for just about any home in any part of the country.

While you have other options such as aluminum or vinyl for your window frames, wood provides a specific look that is unique. These other alternatives can come across as generic but not wood, it’s a material that brings an uncommon appearance to your home.

Wood is also lightweight while remaining strong and it can even help you maintain an energy efficient home as this material can act as a reliable method of insulation. There are many various kinds of wood, each one providing its own level of durability to withstand any type of weather conditions.

If you live in a region that sees extreme heat and constant sun, you can find a wood frame that can survive in such an environment. You may reside in an area that sees unusually high precipitation throughout the year or your home may exist in a part of the country that is bitter cold. Wood is a natural resource that can thrive in all of these situations, so when you choose a frame made of such a material you can rest assured you are purchasing a window frame that will last.

Cost of Wood Frames

Much like with any type of window frame material, the price can fluctuate wildly based upon the type of window you select, the amount of panes you want, and the grade of the material itself. A basic wooden window frame might run around $200-300 while something with additional glazing could cost more than triple that amount.

What about finding certain types of high-end wood? One kind of wood could cost more than another based solely upon your personal preference for a luxury wood versus something a little less exclusive. But depending on the direction you wish to go in this area, you could be finding yourself paying a few thousand dollars for a top quality wood material.

Long-Lasting Reliability

When you consider how long a window might last in your home, you need to consider both the material of the frame and the glazing of the glass panes within. When it comes to wood frames, you’re dealing with the material that could very well last for as long as you own the home. As long as your wood frames are responsibly maintained and they don’t suffer any rot or vermin infestation, these are some of the best frames you’ll ever own in a home.

The glazing is usually expected to last for up to twenty years. That means there won’t be any fogging or cracking by means of standard wear and tear. Windows that experience excessive stress and environmental impacts may run down a bit faster than normal, which is why good, diligent routine maintenance is so necessary to safeguard the material and protect your home’s curb appeal.

Now that you know all of the benefits of wood, why not call your local wood window installation service about replacing your current windows for new replacements today.

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