Wow! Now that’s what I call a sandcastle.

Summer is fast approaching and along with it comes the summer holidays and sunny day trips to the beach. What better way to spend your time on the beach than building a sand castle?

Sand is an incredible substance in that it can be used for decoration purposes, for children to play with, it can be made into other elements such as glass and then be used to make Chandeliers UK like those found at People have built some amazing structures using sand.

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One of the best places to see excellent sand castles and sand sculptures is the beach at Weymouth. The sand here is particularly fine and lends its particularly well. There is a knack and a technique that has to be followed. First the mixture of sand and water needs to be just right to get a decent consistency. This is where the sand lends itself for the sculpture as it is easily mixed and sets nicely once dry. When dry it is ready to paint. The sculptor gives the piece a white undercoat first to give it some “skin” so the paint does not simply soak into the sand. Once this is dry then the painting can begin. The good old British weather plays a factor here and it’s worth taken precautions like a Gazebo or tent covering.

The sand in Weymouth is so good that there is now a festival called Sand world that runs from Easter through to Halloween. This is a direct result of the success of the sand and they way it can create. Its worth visiting the site here to see the many varied examples that are on offer. Each year there is a theme. Last year was Life on earth two. This allowed the artiest the chance to sculpt animals and even David Attenborough himself. In 2018 the theme will be the very popular Game of Thrones television show. This will give the artists the chance to look at Dragons and make some of the most amazing Sand castles and Winterfell and Kings Landing come to life. That is not he only theme, they are also looking at doing Star Wars. I for one would like to see a Death Star or Millennium Falcon created in sand and beautiful produced.

Sandworld is a purposely built place. Originally the displays were just on the beach and done by Fred Darrington. After passing his grandson Mark Anderson took over and after years of tutelage by Fred. Fred was a regular fixture on the beach and became part of the town folklore. His Grand son is a master sculpture and has won a multitude of world renowned awards.

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