You want to switch to a vegetarian diet? Keys to achieve without dying in the attempt

If after much soul searching you have decided to spend the omnivore to a vegetarian diet, we help you accomplish today without dying in attempt leaving some keys to consider.

Consider your current power

The first step for your shift to a vegetarian diet is a success is to analyze your omnivorous diet and above all, consider foods and preparations most abundant at your table.

Well not the same change if you currently consume many meats that if you cook and ingest variety and lots of vegetables each day.

switch to a vegetarian diet
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Then maybe you can start analyzing your current diet and changing little things in it before finally happen to the vegetarian diet. For example, you can incorporate more vegetables and legumes even if you do not, try vegan food and / or substitutes for meat and dairy products of plant origin, so go get used to use in the kitchen and their daily consumption.

Choose your type of vegetarian diet

Based on the analysis above said, it is important to choose the type of diet vegetarian to want to start, i.e. whether we will be strict vegetarians or vegans consume only foods of plant origin or if we will include certain animal products.

Thus, we can be vegans or pure vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, lacto – ovo vegetarians or lacto vegetarians if they also consume dairy products and eggs plant.

We can also choose to be flexitarians, i.e. take a flexible vegetarian diet and every soften or at social events, include foods of animal origin or fish or some meat occasionally.

Depending on your choice you will be planning that must perform, and a more limited diet, the more you should be careful, therefore, consider these factors in addition to your previous diet to decide what type of vegetarian diet you will take.

Learn what and how to cook

It will certainly be very easy to switch to a vegetarian diet if you know which products to use and how to use them in the kitchen. Therefore, learn to cook can be a great ally of your transition to vegetarianism.

To achieve this, you can go to mobile applications as Veg-affinity and sites vegetarian recipes that will help you prepare your own meals without animal ingredients.

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Clearly, cooking to bring a vegetarian diet does not mean only produce salads, but we have to learn to replace commercial sauces, milk or eggs if we do not consume, or also to replace entrees with meat, for example.

Planning and organization to raise up nutrients in the diet

As we are restricting the selection of foods that make up our diet, it is essential to plan and organize the diet to avoid missing nutrients and thus prevent deficiencies of vitamins, minerals or proteins that predominate in the animal world and can fail us if we eat only foods of plant origin.

We can also go to fortified ingredients, for example, vitamin B12 or iron, and of course, the supplements nutritional, only essential if we carry a very limited diet, so who more care should have with this issue are vegans eat only plant – based foods daily.

As we can see, it is not easy to go from an omnivorous feeding a vegetarian, but with a little organization and care, the transition can become simple and avoid risks and health we will gain with the change.

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