Is breakdown cover required when leasing a van?

Is breakdown cover required when leasing a van?

Leasing a van for your business is a practical solution, offering flexibility and convenience; however, you may wonder whether you need breakdown cover.

Understanding breakdown cover

Breakdown cover is essentially a safety net for drivers, providing assistance if their vehicle breaks down. This service often includes on-the-spot repairs, towing to a nearby garage, or transportation to your intended destination. While breakdown cover is not a legal requirement, it can be a valuable addition to ensure your business operations remain smooth.

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Considering the lease agreement terms

When determining whether breakdown cover is necessary for your leased van, it is essential to review the terms of your lease agreement. Some leasing companies may include breakdown cover, offering peace of mind to businesses; however, this is not universal, so businesses should confirm whether breakdown cover is included. If you decide to purchase your own cover, Which? has a useful guide on how to save on breakdown cover and what to consider when choosing a level of cover.

Business needs and cost-benefit analysis

Assessing whether you need breakdown cover involves considering your business’s specific needs and conducting a cost-benefit analysis. If your business relies heavily on the timely and efficient transportation of goods or services, having breakdown cover can be a prudent investment.

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By understanding the terms of your lease agreement, considering your business’s operational needs and weighing the potential benefits against the costs, you can make an informed decision as to whether to include breakdown cover as part of your leased van arrangement.

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