10 top foods to try when you’re in Ireland

10 top foods to try when you’re in Ireland

Ireland is famous for its agricultural produce although it also has amazing links to mens fashion.  Mens Tommy Bowe Shoes for example like those sold at Louis Boyd. Back to food with such high-quality ingredients, you can guarantee some beautiful food combinations and recipes to showcase this produce. Here are some ideas of foods to try.

Soda bread

This delicious bread is uniquely Irish as it is made using buttermilk and bicarbonate of soda, hence the name. Recipes differ according to family traditions, with other ingredients being added, such as oats and seeds. It is delicious smeared with thick butter, another Irish staple. This is served alongside meals or delicious on its own.

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Irish cooked breakfast

The cooked breakfast, also known as an Ulster Fry, is famous for black pudding. While this doesn’t sound appealing to all, it is something to be tried at least once. Black pudding is made from pork fat, blood and oatmeal. White pudding is available too without the blood. Delicious sliced and fried, it is the perfect accompaniment to bacon, eggs and sausage as well as soda bread.

Irish stew

No Irish person has grown up without this delicious one pot dish. Traditionally made from mutton, it uses seasonal root vegetables as well as potatoes to thicken it. Pearl barley, another Irish staple, is often used in the recipe. Cooked for hours it is a hearty warming meal.


Available between April and June, wild salmon is perfect for garden summer houses in NI. Enjoy it outdoors with friends, poached with white sauce and served with the best seasonal greens that are on offer locally. Smoked salmon is also beautiful served with soda bread.


Ireland is famous for its spuds. Served as Colcannon, with a brassica, cream and butter or as champ with scallions, milk and butter, these dishes are delicious and hearty.

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Seaweed is becoming an ingredient popular with fish and added to breads and puddings. The inventiveness is part of what some are calling an Irish food revolution.


Ireland is famous for its dairy produce. Why not enjoy a delicious yoghurt for breakfast outside on a warm day.


This is a fruity tea loaf and is a perfect accompaniment to tea in the garden. It contains raisins, candied peel and is usually steeped overnight in whiskey and tea.

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