Top tips to heat a garden office

Top tips to heat a garden office

If you’ve opted for a new home with a garden office that you have recently financed through a help to buy repayment with the help of Sam Conveyancing, you are already breaking from the norm to some extent. There is a good chance you envisioned a peaceful, comfortable setting in which to work. For any office space to be comfortable, however, it must be maintained at a good temperature. This can be a particular challenge for garden offices.

Convection heaters

Convection heaters are a cheap, easy and popular choice. They are suited to offices that require heating most of the year. They are versatile when it comes to fitting, and they are usually available with timer and thermostat settings. This comes in handy if you don’t want to step into a freezing garden office room before switching the heating on manually.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators come in a variety of styles, so they can usually merge seamlessly with the decor of your office. Whilst they can be slightly expensive to operate, they are an effective and reliable way to control temperature, and they are also safe and easy to use. Smaller models tend to be more affordable.

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Oil-filled radiators

These tend to be a little more efficient than electric radiators, which is a major selling point. They usually require no installation, so they are suitable for any kind of structure. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Low cost and versatility are the big selling points for oil-filled heaters, but it is also worth considering whether you want a mobile unit.

Wood burners

Wood burners give off heat whilst creating a distinctly warm atmosphere. They can be cheap to maintain and are quickly effective on even the coldest of days, but they also involve more maintenance than electric heaters as the ashes need to be cleared regularly. It’s important to make sure your wood burner is correctly and safely installed by a certified professional.

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Underfloor heating

The decadent option, underfloor heating feels fantastic to walk over and provides an even warmth, but it is not usually the most cost-effective way of heating an interior. Electric heating elements are more suitable than water-based piping, but this option will depend largely on the structure of the office in question.

Whichever heating method you choose, the frequency and duration of heating will need to be taken into consideration.


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