Great additions to a playground

Great additions to a playground

If you have been tasked with designing a new playground, whether it’s for a school or community project, here are some inspiring ideas for what to include:

  • Think about shade

During the spring and summer, temperatures can rise so children should have shaded areas to retreat to. Shade structures should also be considered over play equipment. Playground structures are often made from plastic or metal due to their durability but both of these materials can get hot under the sun. Shade not only protects children from the sun but also exposure to the materials.

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  • Sensory area

Including sensory panels is a great idea for children to use all of their senses while playing. Think about incorporating sound, touch and sight around the play area to engage all the senses. An added bonus is the play equipment can be used by teachers as part of their lesson planning. For advice on Playgrounds Gloucester, consider Greenfields, a supplier of Playgrounds Gloucester equipment.

  • Tranquil spaces

Sometimes a noisy, busy playground can become too much for some children and may induce anxiety. Having a quiet place to retreat with calming activities that don’t overstimulate is a wonderful addition to a playground.

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  • Safe surfaces

Be mindful of the surface you choose, as you will ideally want something safe that won’t injure a child should they jump or fall off any equipment. Asphalt is too hard and can cause injury, while wood chips can get into clothing and footwear and be thrown. An ideal surface is a wet pour rubber surface which provides cushioning and is low maintenance.

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