Dead To Me season 3 release date, cast and overview

Dead To Me season 3

Dead To Me season 3 release date, cast and overview

Jen and Judy came stomping to Netflix with this incredible second season that we have just swallowed, and they have already confirmed a 3! So that is why in this post, we come to tell you all the details about this new installment, and of course, when we will the Dead To Me season 3 release date. Are you ready to know the details? Keep reading!

What happened in Dead To Me season 2?

Dead To Me season 3

Recalling this crazy story a bit, let’s remember that by the end of season 1, the widowed friends were at a crossroads and keeping their secrets hidden after murdering Steve. By season 2, they begin to grapple with the law and in a desperate attempt to protect both her family and Juddy, Jen decides to confess to the murder. However, she fails to find Steve’s body and is incredibly unharmed. Read more: Isn’t it romantic dvd release date, characters and overview

After returning from the police station, the two women reconcile. Juddy manages to get her paintings back and with them a lot of money, which they use to buy a house for Lorna and a car for Jen’s son. But back home, problems collide with them again, literally. Ben, who was on his way to the police station, crashes into them, marking the end of season 2 and a new plot for season 3 of Dead To Me. You can be interested: Ruben blades family.

When is the Dead To Me season 3 release date?

After two successful seasons, our favorite streaming platform, Netflix, publicly announced that there would be a renewal of Muertos Para Mi season 3. In addition, it was also known that this third installment would be the closing for the story of Juddy and Jen.

As for the release date, we don’t have an exact date for now. However, this 3 season of Dead To Me is expected to arrive in the middle of next 2021 due to the delay caused by COVID19. Read about Justin bieber feet

Dead to Me: Season 3 Cast

Just as we do not have a release date for this 3 season of the dead for me, there is no news from the cast for this latest installment. However, we can take for granted the participation of the main actors who have already been part of this cast since season 1, such as Christina Applegate in the role of Jen, Linda Cardellini in the character of Judy, James Marsden as Ben and Sam McCarthy in the role of Charlie Harding, among a few others.

How many seasons does Dead To Me have?

Currently, the Netflix series Muertos Para Mi has a total of 2 seasons, but as we mentioned earlier, the series has been renewed for a third installment that fans are looking forward to.

How many chapters does Dead have for me?

Each season of Dead to me has 10 chapters, which add up to 20 episodes for the entire series, not counting the possible 10 that Season 3 of Dead has for me. Are you looking forward to the premiere of Dead to My Season 3 on Netflix?

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