Easy Ways to Reduce your Water Usage

Easy Ways to Reduce your Water Usage

One of the most pressing needs at the moment is to make changes to the way that we live in order to prevent the devastating effects of climate change, and to preserve our precious planet the Earth. There are many ways that you can do this – from recycling all the materials that you can with this polystyrene recycling service https://www.printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/specific-product-recycling/polystyrene-recycling/ to using your car less, changes that we make to our everyday lives can make a huge difference in the fight against climate change.

Something that every person can do is be aware of their water use and make changes to reduce the amount of water that they use. By using less water, you save energy, which in turn then reduced your carbon footprint. It also means that habitats that rely on water will benefit, as more will be available, especially in the drier summer months.

If you are wondering what you can do to save water, there are plenty of things that you can do, that you may not have even thought of! Here are a few easy ways to reduce your water usage in your home and help to prevent more climate change problems…

Brushing your Teeth – How many of us stand and brush our teeth with the tap running? It is a habit that many people have, however, the water that is running when you are brushing is simply wasted – just running straight down the plughole. So, when you are brushing your teeth, only turn the tap on when you actually need the water.

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Washing – Many of us enjoy a soak in a hot bath, but a warm shower can be just as pleasurable (and many would argue that it is more hygienic as we are not sat in our own dirt!). A bath also uses a lot more water than a shower – so switching to showering and using the bath rarely is a great way to save water.

Making a Hot Drink – When filling the kettle, only use the amount of water that you need for the drink or drinks. If you are just making yourself a cup of tea, then you don’t need to fill the kettle. This will also reduce the amount of energy used in boiling the kettle and help you to save money on your bills.

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Use a watering can – Using hosepipes and sprinklers use a huge amount more water. As much as we may all like our garden to look green even during dry spells, this is a huge amount of water being used that is not necessary. The lawn will not be harmed if it dries up, after all the natural world flourishes without the use of sprinklers and hosepipes!

Use a Water Butt – This is a great way to collect natural rainwater which you can then use to water your plants or to wash the car with.

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