Fail-Proof First Date Tips

Fail-Proof First Date Tips

Dating has changed dramatically in the recent years. From swiping to liking, dating apps have infiltrated the modern matchmaking scene, making the act of scoring a date more multifaceted and time consuming than ever before. Once you find an interesting match, the pressure typically increases to ensure the first date runs smoothly, but it does not have to. Here are three easy things you can do to make a first date enjoyable, no matter the outcome.


Congrats! You’ve landed a date. Before letting nerves or excitement get the best of you, confirm with your counterpart where and when the date will take place. Use this information to steer you outfit choice depending on the occasion and setting. Take it an extra step and use the excuse of your first date to treat yourself to a day of pampering. Consider visiting a nail salon, blow dry bar, or brazilian wax huntington beach ca.

Reduce Pressure

Regardless of whether you and your date “click,” you can instantly remove the pressure from a first date by eliminating the notion that the date must be successful. You are simply committing to dinner or a drink, not a walk down the aisle. If you and your date do not have a mutual sense of attraction, that is okay. If you do, great! A first date will likely be the first time you and your date have chatted for an extensive amount of time in person. Let all anxieties fade away and enjoy the hour of conversation.


The goal of a first date is to learn about the other person to determine if you would like to take things further on future dates. Approach the date with genuine interest to learn about the other person. Show interest by asking about their background, hobbies, career, and family. Stay clear of controversial topics for date one; simply enjoy the other person’s presence, learn more about their sense of humor, and let conversation flow naturally. If you are on the shier sides, check out some questions to ask on a first date to help guide you.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your first date!

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