Four Most Influential Cocktails of All Time & Their Recipes

Four Most Influential Cocktails of All Time & Their Recipes

Nothing says ‘stylish and classy’ like a good solid drink in your hands, and there is no doubt that cocktails are a good choice for any occasion. This type of alcoholic beverage has surpassed lengthy periods of time and managed to sustain itself as one of the most popular things you order at the bar on a Saturday night out.

There are a few conditions which practically define the cocktail as a drink, and distinguish it from the recently popular mixed drinks. For one, cocktails are basically made out of a combination of three or more beverages, one of which is alcoholic. In relation to this, these drinks also tend to require the best your liquor cabinet has to offer, in order to truly capture the mixture of aromas and tastes intended with the drink. And when it comes to the most popular and influential cocktails of all time, simplicity in preparation is just as crucial.

  1. Dry Martini

There is no doubt that the Martini has earned its way to the first spot. No matter whether you are sipping one alone at the bar, or have decided to honor James Bond from the comfort of your own home, a glass of Martini next to your NetBet casino screen has the power to bring Casino Royale at your doorstep.

The power of gin and dry vermouth to evoke memories and recreate entire settings is just the cause of Martini’s everlasting popularity.

  1. Manhattan

If you can stir up a dry Martini, there is just as much chance you can make a Manhattan out of a few quality ingredients. What gin is to the Martini, whiskey is to the Manhattan, and this cocktail has seen quite a fair share of whiskeys over the years. Namely, the cocktail was initially made with rye whiskey, but once it decreased in consumption (and thus production), other types were introduced. Bourbon was the most recent replacement, but rye seems to be making a comeback into Manhattan in recent times.

  1. Old-fashioned

Even though it might take the bartender more time to make an Old-fashioned than it would take them to make most of the other cocktails on the list, it is still arguable whether this is in fact a mixed drink or just a ‘dress up party for the whiskey’. Still, if you want a solid glassful of history, there is nothing better for you to choose.

Now that you’ve caught yourself wondering about the ingredients, read on – first you muddle a cube of sugar, and then you add bitters, a slice of orange and bourbon with ice.

  1. Mojito

This cocktail could take a bit longer than an Old-fashioned, even though experienced bartenders are fairly used to seeing a Mojito on their order slips. This drink has originated from Cuba, but quickly spread all over the world, reaching the top 5 most ordered cocktails in most locales.

The Mojito consists of crushed mint leaves, sugar and lime juice, later mixed with crushed ice and covered with white rum and sparkling water.

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