How to stop biting nails?

How to stop biting nails

How to stop biting nails?

Everyone dreams of having soft hands and an impeccable manicure that gives the feeling of neatness and delicacy, but not everyone ends up getting it since a significant percentage of the population usually has onychophagia problems, or what is the same, nail biting.

And you’ll wonder, “Why can’t I stop biting my nails?”. Stress, the hectic pace and bad habits can mean that, no matter how hard you try, in the end, you always end up biting your nails and fingers and end up full of bites and wounds, the result of compulsive and almost unconscious behavior.

How to stop biting nails?

How to stop biting nails

However, many people struggle with themselves to stop doing it and wonder what the best way is. That is why, in this new article, we are going to tell you how to stop biting your nails in children and adults with a series of techniques that may be useful to you.

Chew gum to stop biting your nails

This is one of the techniques to stop biting your nails, whose main premise is to use a substitute to avoid the automatic impulse. In this case, we can try chewing gum to simulate the movement of the jaw and let our nails heal.

We recommend that the gum be sugar -free so that the remedy does not become something harmful and, in this way, you will have not only better nails but also fresh breath throughout the day.

Chew licorice to stop biting your nails

If the chewing gum does not convince you and you do not know how to get rid of the mania of biting your nails, you can use another substitute remedy such as chewing licorice. You can try to carry a pod of licorice always with you and, when you feel like biting your nails, start chewing the licorice and messing around with it to distract attention.

Use a polish to stop biting your nails

If you still can’t stop biting your nails, the best method to stop biting your nails and make them grow faster is to get a specific polish with a bitter or unpleasant taste so that, when the nail comes into contact with the mouth, you feel repulsed and get used to not wanting to do it. These enamels can be easily obtained in pharmacies or supermarkets.

Use aloe vera to stop biting your nails

If you want to use the unpleasant taste technique to stop biting your nails and overcome onychophagia, but you are looking for a more natural product than nail polish, you can resort to aloe vera, whose properties are multiple but, precisely, its taste is not very pleasant. and how we are going to use it for your nails.

To prepare this treatment to stop biting your nails, all you have to do is put the gelatinous part of an aloe vera leaf in the freezer for one night and, when it begins to have a reddish color, apply it to your nails so that they acquire an unpleasant taste that It will make you want to bite them.

Get a manicure to stop biting your nails

How to get rid of the mania of biting your nails? Among the best methods, we find that of maintaining nail hygiene and sanitation routines by a professional. If you go once a week to get a manicure, you will ensure that your nails are always in perfect shape and you will avoid having hangnails or loose skin. In addition, it will be a motivation to keep them in good condition as much as possible.

Perhaps you prefer to do your manicure at home and put this technique into practice with nail polish to definitely stop biting your nails and fingers.

Keep your nails trimmed to stop biting them

It often happens that people who bite their nails, as paradoxical as it sounds, want to see themselves with long nails. However, if onychophagia is not overcome, long nails will be a temptation for our senses, so it is best that, until you overcome this impulse, keep your nails as short as possible to avoid injuries.

Wear gloves to stop biting your nails

Especially if we are in a cold season, gloves can be good allies to prevent you from biting your nails and overcoming onychophagia; In addition, you will get your hands protected from the cold and external factors.

Put on band-aids to stop biting your nails

If the gloves thing seems very exaggerated to you, but you can’t find another solution than to cover your nails and quit this habit, you can try putting band-aids on your nails. In this way, you can wear them all day without taking away autonomy in your tasks. This is a solution that is a good option to stop nail biting in children since it makes it impossible for them to bite their nails and you can use colored strips to add fun.

Use false nails to stop biting your nails

If wearing band-aids is uncomfortable or you don’t think it looks very aesthetic, perhaps due to work demands or body image, the best solution to stop biting your nails may be to try something more hidden: false nails. Ask your manicurist to put on some impossible-to-bite acrylic or gel nails and you’ll have bite-free nails for a few weeks.

Eat sunflower seeds to stop biting your nails

Another solution you can do to distract your attention and get out of this bad habit of biting your nails is to drink sunflower seeds. Normally, nail biting is associated with anxiety situations in which your body tends to make compulsive and rapid movements. With sunflower seeds, you will have to concentrate on peeling each one of the seeds and, in addition, its content is low in fat and healthy, so you can get a double benefit.

Find a concentration activity to stop biting your nails

If you consider that with distracting elements such as chewing gum, liquorice or pipes, you are not getting results or they are making you feel bad, one of the best tips to overcome onychophagia is to look for an activity that you can do anywhere and that It takes concentration to get the nail-biting thing out of your mind. These activities can be origami and sudoku puzzles or even word search puzzles.

Play sports to stop biting your nails

How to stop biting your nails? You may feel that it is not very related but, by doing physical exercise, you will lower your stress and release hormones that will make you feel calmer and more satisfied, getting rid of the desire to bite your nails.

Meditate to stop biting your nails

You can also try having a daily meditation routine. Even if it is only 10 minutes, meditation or activities such as yoga can make you have a calmer mind, reducing the feeling of stress and anxiety and getting you to stop the revolutions and not have the need to bite your nails.

Be aware of the problem and the trigger

However, the best method to stop biting your nails is to be able to dedicate time to be with yourself and to be able to identify what is the problem or the trigger that causes the stress or anxiety situation that you are experiencing. The habit of onychophagia is a direct consequence of a nervous situation and, if you manage to solve this situation, your nails will no longer be conditioned by your bites.

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