Reduced Premiums v Reduced Privacy: The Conundrum of Black Boxes

Reduced Premiums v Reduced Privacy: The Conundrum of Black Boxes

An increasing number of motorists are opting for a black box to be placed in their car in order to reduce their insurance costs, and many analysts believe that this is only the start for these devices. It will be interesting to see whether the devices will eventually become compulsory in cars and if they will be subject to annual testing during tests that are undertaken by mots gloucester companies such as

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A report produced by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) indicated that in 2009 there were 12,000 motorists who had a black box in their car, with this figure looking set to rise to 455,000 this year. The 2016 figure is also a 39 per cent year-on-year rise.

Popular Amongst Young Drivers

These black boxes are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who are hit by higher insurance premiums such as young drivers and those looking for car finance bad credit in Portsmouth. The device provides the insurance companies with records of everything from speed and braking to acceleration and cornering. Those who drive safely will then be offered lower insurance premiums.

BIBA suggests that those who drive carefully could achieve savings of up to 25 per cent, which equates to more than £1,000. However, there are some further reports from those who had black boxes installed which suggest that these figures are rarely achieved.

Some concerns have also been raised as to where the fitting of these black boxes will stop and whether it is something that will be introduced as a compulsory thing in the not-too-distant future. But many do say that if car drivers have nothing to hide, what is the problem of having their driving monitored constantly by these Big Brother-style tools?

A Help or Hindrance?

Many users have found that having a black box installed does improve their driving. With constant monitoring and feedback, you are motivated to increase your performance level, thus making you a safer driver and potentially saving on fuel. In fact, statistics suggest that for those who have a black box installed, accident rates are 40 per cent lower.

However, this doesn’t remove the invasiveness of these gadgets, which many can find a little unnerving. You’ll be sent maps of your route and text messages when you don’t drive to the rules and have a general feeling that you are constantly being watched and are under scrutiny.

Nevertheless, with the majority of us carrying a mobile phone on our person everywhere we go, is this not the same?

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