What To Do When the Tree Falls on You

What To Do When the Tree Falls on You

You warned your neighbor about that tree during the summer, but he wouldn’t listen. You had a passing thought about the heavy winds whipping the branches loose, but it left as quickly as it crossed your mind. Perhaps that is why when you heard the crashing sounds and felt your home shake, the last thing on your mind was the tree that now lay across your home and on your leg. Once the rescue personnel free you and get you to the hospital, you begin to think you need outside help. Here are three things to do when the tree falls on your home – and you.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance provider right away. Your insurance company needs to take pictures and find someone to remove the tree from your home without doing more damage. Depending on how badly your home has been destroyed, you may also be entitled to a place to stay until your home is repaired.

2. Call Your Lawyer for Help

You should contact your personal injury law firm Hillsborough County as soon as you can. No matter how long you are in the hospital with your leg wound, the attorney can begin the paperwork that can get you compensation for your pain, suffering, and inconvenience.

3. Take Care of Yourself

Your medical bills may pile up for the next few months, but remember to keep your appointments so you can heal properly. Your lawyer can help you make sure the medical providers are aware your settlement will pay all medical bills and costs.

Trees don’t fall on houses all the time, but the unexpected can happen at any time and on any day. If you find yourself with an unexpected personal injury, contact a lawyer you can trust to help you without settling before the suit is filed.

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