How to boost your TV signal

How to boost your TV signal

Whether you have suddenly found that your programming is being disrupted by a lack of reception or you have been struggling with a weak TV signal for some time, it’s sure to be a major source of annoyance and frustration. Happily, there are steps that you can take to improve the situation, getting you back to enjoying a quality TV experience.

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Check the service

Of course, if you have suddenly lost your TV signal, it may simply be an issue with the provider, rather than your own equipment. It may even be the case that some planned maintenance work is causing the problem. To see if there are any problems in your area, check here:

Alternatively, if your signal has been updated, you will need to carry out a retune or rescan to carry on enjoying the best possible signal. This can be carried out automatically or manually via your Freeview device.

Consider your aerial

If you still have an older style TV aerial, or your aerial is older than ten years, then it’s probably time to investigate TV aerial installation Gloucester. You will need a wideband aerial if you want to access the full spectrum of TV signals, including HD Freeview channels.

If you think that it’s time for a new aerial, then the best next step is to consult a specialist such as Steve Unett Aerials, who will be able to ensure that your new piece of equipment is ideally positioned to give you the best possible signal going forward. They may recommend a screened wall plate too.

The location of your aerial matters, too. It will need to be in a high position (typically on your roof or chimney) and not obstructed by neighbouring buildings or large, dense trees.

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Too many TVs?

If there are a large number of TVs all getting reception from one aerial, this could be causing poor reception, too. Have any passive splitters replaced and switch to distribution amplifiers instead, to ensure that all viewers can enjoy an optimal viewing experience.

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