Placement ideas for your website

Placement ideas for your website

A website is a virtual shop window for your business and it is important that it is reflective of your business personality, brand and the products and services that you offer. The domain name that you choose should also match this. When it comes to the design aesthetics of your website you will want to go with any existing branding that you have in terms of colours and fonts. There are a few things that you need to think about when it comes to the placement of your menus, any adverts that you plan on having on your site. Having a decent Domain Name is also important. Take a look at

Compared to other aspects of the website, visitors spend more time looking at menus and buttons. In general, menus and buttons are what lead us to fix our issues. Visitors pay particular attention to these as they want to see as soon as possible what the choices are.

Advertisements, which are put on the top or left side of your page, get the most views.

Many individuals would never scroll down to the bottom of your web. If your main revenue source is ad impressions or clicks, you’ll want to optimise for them to be in the viewing pattern which is usually an F shape. Advertisements, which are put inside or under an amazing piece of content, get more views.

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