How to Make Friends When You Travel Abroad

How to Make Friends When You Travel Abroad

Here’s how to make friends overseas, according to experts from

  1. Attend travel abroad program and/or school events.

Just like back home, your young professional or college life overseas will be brimming with happening events to hit up. Insightful panel discussions, documentary screenings, homecoming games… there won’t be a shortage of places to meet new faces. The more social activities you attend the more people you will meet. One of the perks of travel abroad programs is the instant travel community at your fingertips. But it will only be a true benefit if you take advantage of the opportunities to socialize and connect with the other awesome participants on your program!

  1. Follow online communities.

Don’t be shy when reaching out to your new classmates and peers on social media. It’s a great way of finding out what others are up to and joining in! University Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can help you to learn people’s names and also lets you know what events are coming up, so you can make sure you have time in your (now very busy) schedule!

  1. Join school or local clubs.

Have an uncanny obsession with paleontology? Join the university fossil society. Sleep with your beloved saxophone next to you in bed every night? Try out for the school band! School and local clubs are one of the best resources for how to make friends abroad. As a young traveler abroad, these clubs can be a great way to find your tribe, courtesy of casinos francais en ligne.

  1. Go on optional excursions.

Volunteer, internship, and study abroad programs often organize optional excursions for participants to go on. Looking to make friends? Don’t pass these trips up! Sometimes what seems like a lame event can be a blast and a goldmine of new friendships.

  1. Connect with other program participants in advance.

You can start making your travel community before you arrive in country! Get a head start and ask your program advisors to connect you with to get you with current and former travel abroad alumni. They could probably even set you up with a pre-travel abroad pen pal. Introduce yourself over Skype or email and let folks know when you’ll be arriving. By the time you start your travel abroad, you’ll already have friends to link up with.

  1. Host an event.

Your apartment is great and it’s about time you show it off. If you’ve already made a few friends and feel like making even more, host an event. Tell your friends to bring their friends. Then invite the bunch to see a movie or have a study group or picnic. It doesn’t have to be fancy—something as simple as a Sunday afternoon study group on the yard could do!

  1. Join community groups.

Making friends while traveling abroad doesn’t have to end on campus or within the confines of your program. You can meet tons of new people by getting involved with off campus organizations. Join a church, volunteer with a local animal shelter, or attend a U.S. embassy event. These are really awesome ways to mingle and get deeper immersed into the local community.

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