Why Get a Custom Shirt

People have been using T-shirts to advertise and show their affiliations for years, and businesses like Express Press are making it easier than ever. There are a lot of different reasons to get a custom shirt, but there are a few that are especially popular.

Dressing the Team

It is common for clubs, teams, and other groups to get a set of custom shirts for their members. Some of them use the shirts to raise money, but it’s more common for them as a team uniform. This is particularly useful for sporting events, but it can also help to identify staff at a charity event or other gathering.


Many groups also use custom shirts to commemorate specific events. Competitive groups use them to remember specific competitions, especially the ones in which they claimed victory. Charity groups use them to help remember individual fundraisers. It’s easy to combine these with uniform shirts by creating a design that combines symbols of the group and the event itself, so people can wear the shirts at the time and then keep them as souvenirs.

Picking a Present

Custom T-shirts are a relatively popular choice for birthday or holiday gifts. People generally like to wear shirts that represent their interests, and stock shirts aren’t always available for niche hobbies. A custom shirt gives people with those interests the same opportunities to show them off that come with having more popular interests.

Images that directly relate to an individual’s life are also common on these custom shirts. People who love animals will usually be happy to receive any shirt with an animal on it, but nothing can make as much of an impression as a shirt that proudly displays their own pet. These designs have a personal touch that is impossible to get from a stock shirt, so they are far more meaningful than the alternatives.

Making Sales

There are dozens of ways to raise awareness about a business, and something as simple as a shirt can be a powerful tool for advertisers. Shirts are relatively cheap, and people can wear them for a long time. Every person that sees the shirt gets reminded of the business, so they’re one of the most cost-effective advertising tools.

This is one of the reasons that so many businesses hand out free shirts at their events. People who would never consider advertising for a business in return for money will often be very happy to accept and wear a free shirt. These shirts should have an eye-catching logo or design to make sure that people notice them. The design should also be simple enough that people can get the message with only a few seconds of exposure. It’s a delicate balancing act, but businesses that get it right can reap large dividends.

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