Well over a year ago, no one knew the name, Greta Thunberg. She staged an independent school strike in August 2018 at just 15 years old to protest and push for more action on Climate Change. She protested independently outside the Swedish Parliament whilst holding...

Your Hen do is one of the most important moments in your life; it means that last day of freedom, and more importantly it allows you to have a bit of fun with your girlfriends. We all dream of what our Hen Do and Wedding...

Workspace Design’s Importance Goes Beyond Décor We spend the most amount of time in our offices, so it is no surprise to discover that the space in which we work affects us mentally. Nobody is suggesting that company owners and bosses should get the interior designers...

Precisely when men discovered how to drill holes will forever be a mystery. Even Neanderthals sewed clothing and drilled beads, and they were around in 800,000BC. According to Wikipedia - so it must be true! - homo sapiens invented rotary tools a modest 35,000BC.
Who was St Patrick? St Patrick was born in Britain at the beginning of the 4th century. He was kidnapped by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and imprisoned in Ireland until the age of 22. He returned to England after escaping and undertook religious training, which he took to Ireland in 432AD. He used the shamrock as a symbol of Christian teachings.
Tricks to save money on energy usage range from painting radiators black to putting clingfilm on windows. Do these methods work in practice, or are they just hot air?
Fabric architecture is different from any other form of building. Its lightweight, durable shapes allow for versatility in both form and use, and it can create membrane structures whose primary purpose is to add interest and provide shade. What's more, it has a number of new fabric forms, meaning the variety available has never been so great.  For expert advice on what can be done with these kind of structures you could an expert or buy your own Fabric Roof from Spatial Structures.
Wedding photography is big business these days, and with competition so strong, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. Because of that, it isn’t always the best photographers that make the most money.  It’s the ones that have Cheltenham accountants on their side with options including cheltenham accountants randall & payne who are professionals and have years of experience to guide you in the right direction. 
You warned your neighbor about that tree during the summer, but he wouldn’t listen. You had a passing thought about the heavy winds whipping the branches loose, but it left as quickly as it crossed your mind. Perhaps that is why when you heard the crashing sounds and felt your home shake, the last thing on your mind was the tree that now lay across your home and on your leg. Once the rescue personnel free you and get you to the hospital, you begin to think you need outside help. Here are three things to do when the tree falls on your home – and you.
Often businesses consider an office redesign as simply an expense that they can’t afford at the time, as they don’t always understand how this could actually be beneficial to the business. With a workplace that is more inspiring and creative, workers are likely to be more productive and have higher levels of job satisfaction than those who work in dull spaces. If you’re planning to refurbish your office, here are some essential strategies that you can employ to ensure you get it right.