Important Pieces of Personal Protection Gear

Important Pieces of Personal Protection Gear

If you work in construction, manufacturing, or any other career that puts you in the line of danger due to electronics, chemicals, or building parts, then it is important that you invest in personal protection gear. While different jobs require different equipment, there are some pieces that are common for most minorly dangerous jobs. Below are some of the best pieces of personal protection gear to invest in.

Durable Gloves

Durable gloves are a key piece of work safety gear that anyone who does manual labor with their hands should invest in. What types of gloves you should wear depends on what type of work you are doing. Thick cloth gloves are perfect for working outdoors, whether it be working with landscaping or construction. However, the gloves do not allow the hands to be very nimble. If you need to do precision work, such as with electronics, opt for thinner rubber gloves. Rubber gloves can protect against electrocution, even if they are thin. They also make it easier to move your hands to work with small parts.

Plastic Safety Goggles

If you are working with chemicals or are in an environment where things might get stuck in your eye. Some small things to watch out for include dust, saw dust, glass shards, and abrasive chemicals (usually found in cleaning supplies). It should also be noted that it is still important to wear safety glasses even if you already normally wear prescription glasses or sunglasses while on the job. This is because normal glasses do not cover around the eye. They are also typically less durable than safety glasses, which can withstand direct hits, such as sharp metal or glass pieces that would easily shatter normal glasses. This makes plastic safety glasses extremely important for people who work in construction.

Breathable Face Masks

It’s not just important to wear face masks when you are ill. Wearing face masks can help prevent you from breathing in harmful chemicals, dirt, dust, and other minuscule objects. These are perfect pieces of personal protection hear for anyone who works as a cleaner or in construction or carpentry. Of course, it is important to make sure that you can breathe in your mask easily. Cloth masks work well for this.

If you are looking to be safer at work, then investing in one or all of these personal protection products. These can go a long way to protecting your health.

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