Importance of marketing for a primary school

Importance of marketing for a primary school

Attracting more students

Increasing pupil numbers improves the quality and opportunities of the education schools can offer. It transforms budgets.

The fluctuating birth rate, competition among schools caused by Ofsted grades, and new housing developments, can all have a significant impact on pupil numbers. With each child earning around £3,000 per year, losing children can be a major blow.

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School PR

How can you get more students? How can you market your school and change the perceptions of the community?

Here are some ideas. There is no right or incorrect answer.

Unique selling point

What sets you apart from other schools? Different, not necessarily better. Make sure that your website reflects your unique selling proposition. For help with Primary School Websites, visit

You might want to focus on sports, music lessons, or the amazing range of clubs that you offer.

Create school marketing material

Create leaflets or brochures that you can distribute to staff and prospective parents. The more professional they are, the better. Negotiate with local printers for a reasonable price to ensure a professional result.

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Add a virtual tour to your site

You can hire someone to do a virtual school tour for you. You can hire someone to do the job professionally or use an iPad and record yourself walking around your school.

Open days are a great way for parents to get a glimpse of the school, but they may not always be able to attend.

Press Release

Write as many press releases as possible to promote your school. Find out if any of your parents are professionals in marketing or communications who could help you write or edit a press release.

Update your social media

Social media is a great way to celebrate and promote all that you do. Choose the best platform and keep it updated regularly.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are used to appeal to different audiences. Each platform is managed by a different member of staff.

We welcome you

You should welcome visitors as many times as possible. Increasing opportunities for parents and children to attend events, or open days, really helps to increase numbers. If you hold community and family events, word will spread quickly.

Work with local charities, such as those that support people with stay and play and domestic violence. A designated member of staff could also be given time to build relationships and organise events.

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