The difference between a brand strategy and a creative strategy

The difference between a brand strategy and a creative strategy

When it comes to starting a business, it can be difficult to understand all the marketing jargon that goes with it. But it’s vital to get it right to give your start-up the best chance of success.

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What is a brand strategy?

A company’s brand strategy forms the basis of everything it does. It is basically a master plan which makes it clear what the business stands for and what it’s offering. As well as the mission of the business, it includes the values and voice of the business and its identity, including branding colours and logos.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing describes it as a framework for prioritising the purpose of your brand, which allows you to make the best decisions to ensure growth.

In essence, your brand strategy should make all aspects of your business seamlessly align, making it an instantly recognisable offering.

You might want to consider using a brand strategy agency who will know how to bring about consistency and will be able to give assistance in creating the best workable plan.

Get creative

Once you’ve developed your brand strategy, whether you’ve used a brand strategy agency or not, it’s time to build on it, by detailing how you’re going to bring your brand to consumers in a creative strategy. This uses creative ideas to communicate the message of your brand and reach your target audience, using assets such as social media posts, advertising and web content.

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Where to start

For your business to succeed, you need both types of strategy and it’s always best to start with the solid foundation of a brand strategy. Only when you know exactly what you stand for can you find exciting ways to turn that plan into a story through your creative strategy.

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