Things to Know Before You Replace a Garage Door Springs

Things to Know Before You Replace a Garage Door Springs

You need to know some basic things before replacing a garage door spring. These tips should help you find a replacement and get the job done right the first time. Torsion and Extension springs are essential parts, and how to fix them.

Extension Springs

You should replace the entire set if your door isn’t lifting properly. You can buy clips to replace the broken springs, but they won’t work for long. The clips can break at another point along the length of the spring. Therefore, the only reliable repair is to replace all four extension springs and experts like Overhead Door – Puget Sound can help you with that task.

Measure the spring. It is easy to measure the length with a tape measure. You will also need to measure the inside diameter of the spring. This measurement is generally 1 3/4 or 2 inches. To calculate the wire gauge of your extension spring, multiply the length by 20 or 40 to find the number of coils. Make sure you buy the correct gauge. For DIY replacements, check online stores and other local retailers.

Types of springs: Some extension springs require more parts than torsion ones. Some have sheaves that can cause problems. Some springs come with containment cables to prevent dangerous whiplash. The torsion type is easy to install and maintain. But make sure you buy a model that contains containment cables.

Type of springs: Two extension springs are one-piece and sectional garage doors. Extension springs are used for sectional doors, while one-piece doors use single-piece, rigid pieces that pivot. You can order replacement parts by a model number if you know your door’s manufacturer and model. 

Broken extension springs can cause damage to the garage door and people nearby. Even if the springs aren’t visible, they can cause injury if they snap or sag, and they may damage the door or the garage itself. In addition, a broken extension spring can cause your garage door to suddenly close without warning, causing it to shut violently and possibly damaging the car and any items inside.

Torsion Springs

When you replace the garage door springs, you may have to install new springs or adjust them. The tension in the spring depends on the frequency of usage and the condition of the door. Here are 5 Things to know before replacing the garage door springs. First, measure the existing torsion spring. Then, find its location in a database. It should have a column for the number of cycles within the proper track radius.

The first thing you need to do is check the number of cycles the springs are making. The industry standard for torsion springs in garage doors is 10,000 cycles. You can purchase higher-cycle springs if you need to. The higher the cycle number, the longer they will last. Make sure that you get a compatible replacement list. For your safety, do not install springs without the safety cables.

The color is the second thing to know before replacing the garage door springs. The newer ones are black, while the older ones have an orange tint. You can identify the springs by their color, as well as by their color stripe. For more information, consult with an expert in garage door repairs to learn how to measure garage door torsion springs.

Torsion springs are dangerous to replace. If you are not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you should leave this task to a professional. Steps two and three are particularly risky. In addition, you must exercise extreme caution while working on steps 13 and 16. If you do not have any prior experience with garage door springs, we highly recommend that you seek professional help. While it is possible to replace the torsion spring yourself, it is best to use an experienced professional to ensure the safety of your home.

The lifespan of garage door torsion springs is roughly 10,000 cycles. This number includes opening and closing the garage door four times daily. However, garage doors can last anywhere from four to nine years. The average lifespan of the garage door torsion spring depends on maintenance and use. The cycles will add up fast when you use the garage door as a front door, the cycles will add up fast. Therefore, checking the springs periodically is a good idea to avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

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