PlayStation All Stars PS4: What You Need To Know

PlayStation All Stars PS4

PlayStation All Stars PS4: What You Need To Know

The PlayStation All Stars PS4 is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited! The new game features a ton of new content, including new characters, stages, and gameplay modes. In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of the game and introduce you to all the new stuff. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the next big thing from PlayStation!

What is Playstation All Stars?

Assuming you would like a detailed section discussing what PlayStation All-Stars is, here you go:

PlayStation All Stars PS4

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, or simply All-Stars, is a crossover fighting game that was developed by SuperBot Entertainment, in conjunction with SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. The game features various characters from different PlayStation franchises competing against each other in battle.

The game was first hinted at in 2009’s E3 conference by then-SCEA president Jack Tretton, who said that the company was working on a “secret project” that would be revealed at the 2010 conference. The game was officially announced at E3 2010 during Sony’s press conference, where it was revealed that Nathan Drake of Uncharted and Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal would be two of the playable characters in the game. The game was released on November 20, 2012 in North America and November 23, 2012 in Europe.

Fighting System

The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fighting system is unique and interesting, using a traditional four-button layout for attacks. Each character also has two special moves that can be performed by pressing both attack buttons simultaneously. One of these is a level 1 super move that requires no meter to perform, while the other is a level 2 super move that requires 1 meter of charge to perform.

Additionally, each character has access to 4 different items that they can use in battle. These items are randomly selected at the start of each match, and can be used by pressing the L1 button. Each item has its own unique effect, and can be helpful in various situations.

Finally, the fighting system also makes use of environmental hazards present in each stage. These can be used to your advantage by attacking your opponents into them, causing additional damage.

Modes in Playstation All Stars PS4

The PlayStation 4 version of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale features three modes: Arcade, Tournament, and Party.

Arcade Mode is a singleplayer only mode where players choose a character and fight their way through seven opponents, culminating in a battle against a “secret boss.” The secret boss is determined by the character chosen – for example, if Kratos is chosen, the secret boss will be Zeus. Beating Arcade Mode with each character unlocks that character’s story ending.

Tournament Mode is a multiplayer mode for up to four players. In Tournament Mode, players compete in a series of matches against each other until only one player remains. The winner of the tournament is determined by how many wins they have – the player with the most wins at the end of the tournament is the champion.

Party Mode is a local multiplayer mode for up to four players. In Party Mode, players can team up and play cooperatively against AI-controlled opponents, or they can compete against each other in mini-games. Party Mode also features “Items” which can be used to give players an advantage in battle.

Different Characters in Playstation All Stars

There are many different characters in the PlayStation All Stars game. Each character has their own unique abilities and attacks. Here is a list of some of the characters in the game:

-Kratos: Kratos is the main character from the God of War series. He is a powerful warrior who uses his double chain blades to attack his enemies.

-Sweet Tooth: Sweet Tooth is the main character from the Twisted Metal series. He is a crazy clown who drives a deadly ice cream truck. He can shoot missiles and drop bombs on his enemies.

-Sly Cooper: Sly Cooper is the main character from the Sly Cooper series. He is a sneaky thief who uses his agility and acrobatic skills to outsmart his foes.

-Raiden: Raiden is the main character from the Metal Gear Solid series. He is a cyborg ninja who uses his high-tech weaponry to take down his opponents.

-Big Daddy: Big Daddy is the main character from the BioShock series. He is a giant, hulking creature that protects the Little Sisters. He can use his drill to attack his enemies or shoot fireballs from his hands.

Gameplay and Graphics of Playstation All Stars

The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a crossover fighting game that features various characters from different PlayStation franchises. The game was developed by SuperBot Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on November 20, 2012, for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

The gameplay of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. series. Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and movesets. They then battle it out in various arenas inspired by different PlayStation games. The goal is to score the most points by KOing or defeating opponents, or by scoring the most kills within the time limit.

The graphics are colorful and vibrant, and the character models are faithful to their original designs. The stages are also well designed and feature many elements from popular PlayStation games.


PlayStation All-Stars is a game that brings together some of the most iconic characters from PlayStation history and pits them against each other in an all-out brawl. The game features a variety of modes, including online multiplayer, and has been designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you’re a long-time PlayStation fan or just getting started with the console, PlayStation All-Stars is definitely worth checking out.

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