Best valentine’s day games for couples

valentine's day games for couples

Best valentine’s day games for couples

Valentine’s Day is approaching and with it, the perfect moment to surprise your partner and enjoy an unforgettable time. And although we know that for many, February 14 is just a business day, it is true that it is also a way of sharing as a couple. Do you want to live this Valentine’s Day in a different, fun and original way? If the answer is yes, take note of the following recommendations.

We want to talk to you about the best games to play as a couple this Valentine’s Day. If you do not have many ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, here are some proposals that will not leave you indifferent. Do you dare to try them?

Valentine’s day games for couples

valentine's day games for couples

Treasure hunt

If you want to give a surprising and exciting touch to this Valentine’s Day, the search for the hidden treasure can be one of the ideal Valentine’s party games to surprise your partner. Doing it is simple. You just have to think of the classic of children’s parties, but give it a romantic touch so that it becomes the ideal game for Valentine’s Day.

The idea is to leave different clues throughout the house, and each clue must lead to the next until you find the final gift. And what can that gift be? From something that you know he likes a lot to a jewel under his pillow, a love letter, a song, some movie, theater or concert tickets, among others. You can write the final goal you decide! Even if you want to give it playfulness, intensity, passion and romance, the ultimate gift could be yourself, a spectacular treasure. Do you like the idea?

Game of the senses

Experimenting, playing and discovering each other is part of the couple’s intimacy. Therefore, what better than Valentine’s Day to enhance your senses and enjoy an erotic and passionate moment with your partner. Can’t miss Valentine’s Day!

The game for February 14 in pairs consists of preparing cards in which sensual suggestions appear, for example: try the aroma or taste of the neck, check the silkiness of the hair, go over some part of the body with a pen while the other has blindfolded to intensify the sense, licking chocolate on some part of the body, etc. The game ideas for Valentine’s Day can be endless and as original as you want! Once you have these cards ready, you can take turns taking one each or you can even roll dice, see the number that appears and fulfill the corresponding request. It’s a perfect Valentine’s game to enjoy a sexier and more intimate day.


Have you ever played the classic twister? This popular game can become the perfect distraction for Valentine’s Day. And, if you have a twister board at home, you have everything to have a fun time as a couple, intertwining your bodies while you place your hands and feet in the colored circles. To give it a more romantic or passionate touch, you can challenge each other. Whoever loses must please the other with the wish they ask for. It can be anything. You just have to think carefully about the reward. Do you cheer up?

Talk, flirt or dare

If you are on your first date and it coincides with Valentine’s Day or you just want to rekindle your connection, this game is perfect for enjoying. You only have to prepare three levels: talk, flirt or dare. Afterward, the game rules are very simple: Choose a card from each category and answer the question or make a challenge. We point out that you can buy this game or, in case you have a lot of time, prepare it yourself. Are you enjoying these activities for Valentine’s Day?

Trivia for couples

The star game for Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, the trivia game for couples. It is made up of 72 cards with 260 questions and you will not need a board or dice to play. You just have to activate the roulette on the website and start playing. In addition, you can also make these homemade games for Valentine’s Day and make them at home. With this game, you will get to know your partner more in-depth through fun and original questions that have been classified into 6 different categories. If you want to surprise your partner, you can buy this game and enjoy a fun and romantic evening. You will not fail! What do you think of these Valentine’s games?

Wish book

Do you want to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day? We provide you with an original proposal that you can extend for a long time. Get yourself a wad of vouchers and propose to your partner to write about 10 wishes. You must do the same. Later, it will be a matter of fulfilling the wishes of the other, either during Valentine’s Day or the following days. Wishes should be part of the game, so bet on things you can do for each other in a short period of time. For example, fantasies, sensual and erotic proposals, a dance, a striptease, a romantic dinner, etc. Any wish is valid!

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