Red Flags To Look For On A First Date

Red Flags To Look For On A First Date

In this article fromcasino francais, take a look at some red flags you should watch out for on dates.

1. Your date doesn’t dress for the occasion.

If your date shows up in sweat pants or basketball shorts and tennis shoes, just run. Unless you’re planning to do something active together on your date, of course. If you’re going out to dinner on a first date, and your date can’t manage to put on some jeans, they probably aren’t the one. You should be able to tell that they put some kind of effort in at the least. They might not be in a button-down and slacks, but that’s okay. Just make sure they took a shower.

2. Their table manners are seriously lacking.

If you couldn’t watch your date eat for the rest of your life, you probably don’t need to give them a second date. Do you want to kiss those lips knowing they made out with the spaghetti like that?

3. They don’t treat the server or bartender with respect.

Number one, treating people poorly is just plain rude. Chances are, if they’re an ass to a server, they’ll end up talking to you the same exact way sometimes. Servers have feelings, too. If they refuse to tip, that’s another sign you may be hanging around the wrong person, courtesy of real money casino.

4. You have to carry the conversation all on your own.

This one can be a little tough to make a judgment on. Every date has a little bit of awkwardness, a little bit of silence, and a little bit of staring at the ceiling. But no date should feel like you’re pulling hairs to keep the conversation going. If you’re feeling like you’re constantly grasping at straws to keep the flow going, you’re working too hard. That spark you’re looking for is going to be difficult to catch if you’re having to work that hard to spark up a conversation.

5. They talk over you and completely control the conversation.

This goes back to the idea of rules of communication. If they’re talking over you at every opportunity, just leave. A good date wants to hear what you want to share as much as he wants to share with you, and you shouldn’t have to fight to be heard. This one drives me absolutely wild. Of course, there are going to be accidents or moments when you’re both excited and accidentally taking turns talking over each other, but that’s a different story. If they’re cutting you off to mansplain your own opinion or just to talk more about what they can bench, just go. You have a voice, and your thoughts matter just as much as theirs do.

6. You can’t find ANYTHING in common.

Try to keep track in your head of different things you have in common as the conversation progresses. One of my problems is that I can usually improvise a connection with almost any interest, so I’m good at making connections with anything.

7. They don’t you ask any questions.

This is a red flag in any relationship, but especially so on a first date, when it should be all about asking questions to get to know each other. If all they do is talk about themselves, they’re showing you that they’re probably not the best at thinking about or focusing on other people and their needs.

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