7 Alternation Tips to Help You Fit into Your Wedding Dress

7 Alternation Tips to Help You Fit into Your Wedding Dress

Finding your dream wedding dress is not good enough, you have to assure it fits you well. This takes time and beforehand knowledge. We are giving you the following tips to help you make it through the whole alternation process:

1.  Try Fitting into Your Gown

Weddings Dresses are not made-to-measure. It’s rare that dress will fit you perfectly. So, once you select your dress, the boutique will take your measures and alter the dress. To avoid any issues, refer to the provided size chart to the closest of your size.

Once the dress arrives, you have to wear it and see if fits according to your shape.

2.  Schedule Several Fittings

You can’t expect everything to fall in place with just one fitting. You need to have at least three dress fittings. Schedule your first fitting months before the big day. Schedule the second fitting a month before your wedding, and the final fitting two-weeks before your wedding. Make sure you take the gown back with the final alternation. There are a ton of other things that need your attention.

3.  Get In-House Services

If time is an issue, then you better ask your salon to offer in house alternations. This is a luxury that will cost some money, but it might help you get your dress ready in time. In case your boutique is not offering this luxury, don’t panic. They can still recommend something who will see you through.

4.  Bring Along the Other Stuff

For the first fitting, you better bring along the shoes and accessories you intend on wearing on the big day.  This will impact the fitting of your dress. Make sure the dress is tailored to fit you perfectly as you will walk down the aisle. It will help to accommodate the undergarments and keep them hidden.

5.  Remain Calm

Most brides freak out when the dress fit them right away.  It’s obvious the dress won’t fit you during your first try. Speak with the seamstress and share how you envision the dress on you. There are some vital changes you will have to make to ensure the dress fits you well. You may have to add lace sleeves or alter the neckline a bit.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your seamstress a few questions. Just be open to her about what you want in your bridal look.

6.  The Second Fitting

If the dress still doesn’t fit you during the second fitting, then you should speak up. The seamstress will do everything to assure the dress fits you perfectly. If something doesn’t feel right, let her know. It will save you from booking more fittings and stick to your wedding dress timeline.

7.  Don’t Go Overboard

You need to understand the fact you can’t have everything laced on your dress. If you want to stand out, be simple. You don’t need the dress you saw someone wear on the red carpet. If you know how to carry yourself, you will do fine in beach wedding dresses.

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