Various Sports to Help Build Your Soccer Stamina

Various Sports to Help Build Your Soccer Stamina

If you want to increase your stamina to play a full 90 minutes of soccer, do you know that by being involved in a number of different sports, you are able to increase your endurance level? There are many ways that other sports activities can help improve your ability to last 90 minutes, so if you are looking for new ways to improve your game, think about trying these:


Building your running routine gradually can increase your stamina. Ideally you want to aim for about 30 minutes running twice a week. You will want to build this up gradually, because you don’t want to be tired before the game. Start with a few minutes and slowly increase the time. Make sure you maintain good posture because this will save energy, be more efficient and allow you to go further. Short sprints followed by jogging periods are very useful for explosive moments in soccer matches when speed changes are needed. Check out the Soccer Drills at for exercises that include running.

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If you are not a sharp runner, biking is also good for endurance training. Cycling is a fantastic form of cardio exercise will help you become a better athlete and will increase your endurance. Cycling helps increase the strength of the leg muscles, which is suitable for soccer because you want strong legs to run, kick and have that speed when you need it. Some people prefer cycling to running, because it will take you further and has lesser impact, which means less chance of injury. For stationary gym bikes, try to combine periods of extreme activity with slower and more relaxed cycling. Bursts of activity is better for imitating the game of football.


Like football, squash is an explosive movement game, rapid change of direction, and quick thinking. Squash can help strengthen the calf muscles and ankles, increase reaction speed and is very beneficial for the goalkeeper.


You might not imagine that this can be useful for soccer stamina, but you will be surprised. The hurdles are a great exercise for agility and avoiding challenges for the ball. Make sure you set obstacles to heights that you can confidently clearly believe. Stand to the left of the first obstacle and jump before moving to the right of the next obstacle and jumping over the one.

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Long jump

Like football, long jumpers must have good running skills. Long jump is perfect for sprint training and spatial awareness, helping to improve your jumping skills and reaction time. This is very useful for soccer matches because it allows you to surpass your markers better.

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