Healthy green tea shot recipe

green tea shot recipe

Healthy green tea shot recipe

A great way to get your recommended daily amount of green tea is with japan’s famous “greentea cola” the green tea shot. Green tea has many health benefits and can be drunk at any time of day. The green tea shot offers a unique taste that people either love or hate! If you hate it – don’t worry! There are many other ways to get your green tea. Here is an easy green tea shot recipe for great-tasting.

Green tea shot recipe

green tea shot recipe


– One cup hot water

– 1/4 teaspoon matcha powder (green tea powder) or one green tea bag

– Half tablespoon milk

– Two teaspoons sugar

– Ice cubes


1. First, prepare the green tea in the hot water as you would normally (with matcha powder or with a green tea bag). For Matcha powder, you will need a bamboo whisk to mix it well. If using a teabag let it steep for less time so that the tea isn’t too bitter. Be sure not to let the green tea steep for much longer than 2 minutes because it will become too bitter.

2. Once the green tea is ready, add in sugar and milk. If you want to make a creamier taste add more milk, but be sure not to add too much or else it will taste diluted instead of creamy. Whisk in the milk and sugar until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

3. Finally, add ice cubes and enjoy! The green tea shot can be enjoyed at any time of day – before or after a meal, with friends or alone, in the office or in class, and is very easy to make. When taken in moderation (a shot glass per day) the green tea shot is said to have many health benefits!

Green tea shot health benefits

Green tea has been said to have many health benefits such as lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease and even preventing tooth decay. Green tea is also known for its antioxidant properties, which can help boost your immune system. Drinking green tea regularly can also help reduce stress.

So, the next time you’re feeling tired or stressed, reach for a green tea shot! It may give you that extra boost of energy to finish your day out strong.

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