Five reasons why CCTV drain surveys can be invaluable

Five reasons why CCTV drain surveys can be invaluable

If you experience a drainage problem at home, you probably hope it will go away by itself or with a DIY solution; however, there are several reasons why it is worth investing in a CCTV drain survey carried out by an expert.

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1. Difficult access

Drains and internal pipework are difficult to access, which is why a professional CCTV drain survey is essential to find any cracks or damage. As they use a waterproof camera attached to flexible rods, they are non-invasive and can feed back visual images of pipe interiors in real-time. The technicians operating the cameras remotely can inspect the drainage network to identify where the problem lies. The images are recorded, allowing engineers to look at them several times to fully understand the scale of any damage.

2. Quick and easy

The average drain survey takes around half an hour and causes little to no disruption, as the camera can be easily fed into the drain. It causes no damage to the drainage system and can target a specific area without opening up any nearby structures.

3. Early detection

Croydon Council is just one local authority that recommends getting a CCTV drain survey if your drains regularly become blocked, as this is a sign there is a fault in your pipes. The surveys can identify potential issues, such as blockages, root intrusion or cracks, before they become a major and expensive problem.

4. Maintenance

Carrying out regular CCTV drain surveys is a good way to save money in the long run in the same way as having regular boiler servicing. If you are looking for a CCTV drain survey Birmingham, companies such as can talk you through the costs.

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  1. Detailed report

    Following a survey, you get a highly detailed report with high-definition images and descriptions of the problems and recommendations for the work to be done and the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. This allows homeowners to be armed with the necessary knowledge before deciding whether to repair or replace the pipes.

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