Best Garden Hoses of 2022

Best Garden Hoses of 2022

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the right garden hose. Whether you’re looking to use a garden hose for lawn care, small container gardening, or even cleaning, you’ll need to determine which features are most important to you.

Here are the best hoses available in 2022 following several analyses from best new online casino australia.

Forever Steel Hose

The Forever Steel Hose impressed our testers with its durability and lightweight design, making it our top recommendation for a garden hose. Unlike some hose materials that may be prone to puncture from garden tools or thorns, this hose is constructed of 304 stainless steel. Adding to its durability is the fact that it’s UV-resistant, so it shouldn’t deteriorate or crack like a vinyl hose, even when exposed to the sun. It’s no surprise that one of our testers said, “I can see this lasting for many years.” The shiny metal appearance of this garden hose is distinctive and even had us describing it as “sleek” during testing—a term not commonly applied to garden tools. There’s more than aesthetic appeal, though. We found the Forever Garden Hose to be easy to carry around or drag through the garden testing area, with no issues.

Craftsman Premium-Duty Rubber Red Hose 

Rubber garden hoses have a reputation for being durable and versatile for lawn and garden tasks. This Craftsman Premium-Duty Rubber Red Hose is no exception, standing out in our testing as the best rubber hose for its sturdy feel and high-quality brass fittings. When we tested the hose by connecting it to an outdoor spigot, our testing team found that the brass threading made it very easy to screw the hose on and off at the point of water access. Like the other hoses we tested, our testers put this rubber hose through its paces. After dragging it around on various surfaces, including grass and cement, our testers consistently described it as easy to maneuver and durable, courtesy of best payout online casinos.

Eley 5/8-inch Polyurethane Garden Hose

The Eley five-eighth-inch Polyurethane Garden Hose has everything you need in a heavy-duty garden hose: thick, durable construction, high-quality fittings, and a kink-free design. When evaluating the design, ease of use, and durability of this hose, our testers described it as solid and well suited for heavy long-term use. That is no surprise, since the polyurethane material is the same as what you find in inline roller skate wheels. The Eley resists cuts, punctures, abrasions, and tears, so you can expect to pull this hose across cement, garden tools, rocks, and more without puncturing or cutting it. Eley backs this heavy-duty hose with a 10-year leak-free warranty for added peace of mind.

The Fit Life Expandable Garden Hose

Expandable hoses work by swelling as you fill them with water and contracting as you flush them out. This helps to save you storage space while still giving you the length of a full-size hose. In our testing, The Fit Life’s Expandable Garden Hose was the best out of all the expandable hoses we tested. Our testers found it to be incredibly lightweight and flexible, even when full. When you’re done using it, simply open the valve on the brass fitting to release the water and watch the hose shrink back to its original size (about one-third of its fully expanded length). Once the hose was back to its original size, we found it very easy to coil.

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