Are the styles of the 1970’s really coming back?

Are the styles of the 1970’s really coming back?

When thoughts turn away from the warmth of the summer, it comes to that time of year and the flip flops and Ray bans need to go back for another year in the cupboard. You managed to get a wonderful summer look, so what’s the new buzz for the winter months? Whatever it is EJ Menswear has got it covered, especially XV Kings Menswear.

Animal prints are focused on the latest patterns for the coming winter season. The leopard print concept seems to have come back and it’s like Rod Stewart never left the 1970’s in terms of this glam style. Lucky they are not proposing that we use real leopard skins but faux ones but it is nice that a bit of flamboyant colour is around for the winter period.

It’s a safe bet that there will still be the continuing trend of black and grey, but something of revolution is happening as the use of a pastel, particularly cornflower blue, in the winter months, is pushing its way forward like a light blue colossus.

For this season, the other great player colour is the mighty brown, but not just any old brown. You need to dig out your old picture album of Dads and Grandads so that you can select a few items because the nineteen seventies are back and the colour is dark brown chocolate. So, now that you’ve got a few pointers let’s get out there and party like it’s 1975.

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