Keeping Your Business Safe

Keeping Your Business Safe

If you’re a small business owner or manager, you know that the security of your location is vital to the survival of your company. Keeping your property, equipment, and most importantly, personnel safe should be your top priority. Without this, it’s impossible to focus on anything else. Fortunately, by putting a few preventative safeguards in place, most businesses don’t have to give it a second thought. Here are proactive measures you should take for your company’s well-being.

Security Guards

Technology is a very important component of a secure work environment. But just like sales and customer service, there are plenty of circumstances that require a living, breathing human being. Having professional security services dallas under contract and either onsite or on-call can be extremely beneficial in several ways. First, you will have trained personnel able to react immediately or quickly in the face of danger or threats. Secondly, many criminals like to “case” locations and see how accessible they are. Sometimes, if they only see cameras, they can think of a way to disable or outsmart them. But, if they see a guard on duty or patrolling, they may be discouraged more easily.

Secure Points of Entry

Unless your business is a retail shop seeking foot traffic from the general public, it’s critical to keep all entrances and exits secure. This can easily be done traditionally with locks and keys, but there are some incredible, advanced options that have recently become available. In addition to conventional keypads or fobs that have been used for the last few decades, you could move into the 21st century with Bluetooth, app-based access tools for companies that provide employees with smartphones. Even more advanced, thumb-print and even eye-scanning systems are becoming more and more available. At the end of the day, the point is to restrict access for unauthorized personnel, discourage tampering and trespassing, and make your staff feel safe.

Surveillance Monitoring

While they are no substitute for on-site guards, surveillance monitoring systems used in conjunction with trained personnel can be helpful during off-hours. These can be simple consumer models with cameras affixed to doorbells or above doors or more sophisticated multi-camera models with cloud-based monitoring or recording. Since they are no longer using videotape, but digital files, it should be easy to archive footage on a server should you ever need to review it or use it as evidence.

Without a safe workplace, you risk losing every aspect of your business. Invest in one or all these methods to stay secure!

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