Countries which use the most renewable energy

Countries which use the most renewable energy

Renewable energy refers to energy from natural resources that are replenished and are not depleted when used. Renewable energy sources offer an alternative to fossil fuels which are a limited resource and add to environmental pollution when consumed.

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Which country consumed the most renewable energy in 2022?

According to the Eurostat report, Sweden consumed the most renewable energy in 2022. Almost two-thirds of its energy consumption came from renewables, with a big emphasis on hydro, wind, solid and liquid biofuels, as well as heat pumps.

Finland came second with almost half of its energy coming from renewable sources. The country mainly consumed hydro, wind and solid biofuels.

One renewable energy solution is the installation of air source heat pumps. Specialists such as both supply and install.

Which country was next on the list?

Latvia was next on the list with 43.3 percent consumed, mostly hydro. Denmark achieved 41.6 percent while Estonia was next with 38.5 per cent. Renewables from these two countries relied on wind and solid biofuels.

One country that is continuing to increase its renewable energy is India. According to The Independent, there is large-scale potential for market growth.

What countries are up and coming in terms of using renewable energy?

Portugal relies on wind and hydro, while Austria focuses on hydro and solid biofuels. Among the countries with the lowest reliance on renewable energies is Ireland with only 13.1 per cent. Malta, Belgium and Luxembourg also have a low reliance on renewables.

What can countries do to increase renewable energy use?

Increasing awareness and educating people about the benefits of renewable energy and the importance of moving to clean energy sources can build support for policies and initiatives. Education programmes, outreach campaigns and community engagement initiatives can empower people to take action.

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Governments could offer financial support, grants, loans, and other forms of assistance to renewable energy projects, particularly in the early stages of development. Upgrading the electrical grid infrastructure to allow higher levels of renewable energy use is important for maximising the benefits of renewable sources.

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