How to keep your park home secure

How to keep your park home secure

Good security on a site with park homes is important to ensure residents feel safe, especially during the dark winter nights. There are measures you can take as a homeowner to protect yourself and your belongings.

Choose the park that’s right for you

Some parks are part of a ‘neighbourhood watch’ style scheme. One of the benefits is a reduction in petty crime and theft. Other parks will have security staff who will monitor the site 24/7. CCTV is another key measure that some park managers will have implemented on site to allow continual monitoring.

Always close your blinds and curtains at night

If you are heading out to a restaurant, close the window blinds and curtains to deter prying eyes. This is especially important if you have left valuables in your home. It also gives the impression that the home is occupied rather than vacant.

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Register and ensure your property is marked

Marking your property is an important aspect of security. Ensure your electronics and gadgets such as your television, your tablets, phones, gadgets and other valuables are marked. Take photographs of anything of value in case the worst happens, and you fall victim to theft.

Invest in a light timer

A light timer is useful as this will allow the lights to come on at a specified time in your home. Again, this makes passers-by believe that someone is occupying your park home. If you don’t want to set up timers, a park neighbour that you trust may want to keep a key for you while your home is unoccupied.

Are there residential park homes near me?

When you come to select a suitable park, consider whether the security measures make you feel safe. You may be asking ‘what are the names of the residential park homes near me? Well, there are plenty to choose from, each offering something unique. And it’s good news for park owners as the energy bill help has been extended to those in park homes and off-grid. According to East Anglia Bylines  the government has launched a scheme for those eligible to enable them to apply for a one-off sum of £400.

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Remove valuables when the property is unoccupied

Don’t leave valuables beside windows as this can be a temptation for an opportunist thief. Always leave valuables out of sight or keep your phone and wallet with you at all times.

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