How to Measure the Success of Your Website

How to Measure the Success of Your Website

If your company does the majority of its business online, then a successful, busy, and well-designed website is essential. You may be wondering how to judge the success of your website; just follow these tips.

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Count Your Hits

Perhaps the most obvious way to judge your website’s success is to count the number of hits it receives every day, week or month. By assessing who visits your website and when, you can discover when the website is popular and when it isn’t. You can then use this information to update your site and improve it. This may be to your home page or a specific page on your website. For example if a company such as wanted to see how much interest there was in their Plastic Moulding  product or service, they may track the hits to this particular page.

Search Engine Rankings

One vital feature of a successful website is its search engine rankings. If your company is a women’s clothes shop in York, then when a customer searches for ‘clothes shop York’, your website should be ranked among the highest pages. The further back it is, the less likely customers are to find it. Forbes provides a list of ways to improve your search engine rankings. You can also view the search engine terms that led people to your site, and you can use these to improve your SEO.

Online Revenue

If you are a retail business, then revenue from your online sales is a good way to measure the success of your website. Assess what items are most or least popular online, and it may help you to understand your business. Ad revenues are also important – for example, the Daily Mail’s ad revenues soared to over £62m in 2014.

Consider Customer Feedback

Businesses may put emphasis on the importance of customer feedback as a way to measure a website’s success. Add a feedback form on your site, and you can start to gather important information about your website. Ask questions such as ‘Was the website easy to use?’ and ‘Did you like the look and feel of the site?’ This will help you to make positive changes in the future.

Measuring a website’s success can be confusing, as it may not just be about the number of hits or the financial reports. A successful website also has to be accessible, easy to find, and stress-free to use. By focusing on these suggestions, you will have a better idea of how your site is working and how to improve it.

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