Tiffany Hines (born September 2, 1983) is an American actress, known for her roles as Birdie Scott in Beyond the Break, Michelle Welton in Bones, Jaden in Nikita, Didi Miller in Devious Maids, Tamar Braxton in Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart, and Aisha in 24: Legacy.
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Life & Career

She starred as Birdie Scott in The N drama series Beyond the Break from 2006 to 2009. Hines guest-starred in television series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Criminal Minds, Miss Guided, Lincoln Heights, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Secret Girlfriend, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Lie to Me.[1] She also starred in the NBC miniseries Meteor in 2009. Her film credits include The Winged Man, Shark Swarm, Dandelion Dharma, Perfect Combination, and The Dark Party.

She played the recurring character Michelle Welton, the adopted teenage daughter of Dr. Camille Saroyan, in the Fox series Bones.

Hines starred as Jaden in The CW’s drama series Nikita from 2010 to 2011.[2] She appeared in the fourth season of The CW’s teen drama series 90210 as a detective named Kat, who helps Navid to arrest his uncle Amal.[3] In 2012, she was cast in the ABC soapy pilot Americana,[4] and in 2014 began a recurring role as Didi Miller in the Lifetime comedy-drama Devious Maids.[5] In 2015, she performed guest-starring roles in Fox’s Backstrom and CBS’s Stalker; recurred as Marta Rodriguez in Stitchers, and starred in Damien in spring 2016. She recurred as Aisha in 24: Legacy opposite Corey Hawkins, Bashy, and Anna Diop. She starred as Eve Vincent in the last season of BET’s Hit the Floor and recurred as Lara Nuzo in the Magnum P.I. reboot on CBS opposite Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks, Sung Kang, and Zachary Knighton. In Summer 2019, she played the starring role of Elizabeth Bennet in the Lifetime network’s Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, based on the Jane Austen novel, with an African-American cast.


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Using a wheelchair when trying to bathe isn’t always easy; however, disability aids can help with daily hygiene and reduce pain and inconvenience. They can also help with mood enhancement. By providing assistance, these devices can make bathing a more comfortable and safer experience for those with limited mobility and recovering from injury. The following are some common disability aids that can help with bathing. Using these devices can make bathing a more pleasant and stress-free experience.

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Three Of London’s Most Damaging Fires

Fire is a hazard that has the potential to affect anyone, and with catastrophic results. You can reduce the risks of having a fire by getting a professional like this fire risk assessment Bristol based company to help you with this.

In history there have been some particularly devastating fires – here are just three fires which have occurred in London…

The Great Fire of London – This is probably the most well-known fire in the history of the UK. In 1666, buildings were made of timber frames, with thatched roofs which made them much more susceptible to fire. That summer had been long and dry, making conditions for a fire much more likely. On the 2nd of September, a fire started in a baker’s shop on Pudding Lane. A strong wind helped it to spread quickly across the road and before long much of the area was ablaze. People were evacuated and many buried the precious possessions that they couldn’t carry with them. In order to stop the fire continuing its spread, the navy had to blow up the buildings in the way of the fire. Even the king himself helped with putting the fire out, according to the diary of Samuel Pepys.

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The Frozen Fire of Butlers Wharf – In March 1931 the ground was freezing, snow had fallen, and more was on the way. Easterly winds made Britain feel more like the arctic. However, in a warehouse in Southwark, things were getting warmer as early that morning a fire had broken out. Just after 10am the London fire brigade arrived at the scene. The warehouse contained a lot of rubber, so the stench in the air was strong, and the building was billowing out clouds of thick black acrid smoke. As well as fighting the fire from the ground, the fire brigade, who were struggling to work in the freezing temperatures, had two boats on the river who were also trying to contain the blaze. Eventually after 24 hours of battling both the raging fire and the freezing temperatures, they managed to put the fire out.

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1987 Kings Cross Station Fire – This deadly fire was one of the worst fires ever seen on the underground and it killed 31 people, including one of the firefighters attending the blaze, before it was put out. It started around 7.30 in the evening on 18th November 1987 and was started by a lit match which fell and landed underneath a wooden escalator. The litter underneath helped the fire to grow, and it grew quickly. Sadly, one of the firefighters who helped to fight the blaze, station officer Colin Townsley lost his life trying to get people to safety. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people paying tribute to him, and at Soho fire station, a space remains empty in his memory.



Top tips to heat a garden office

If you’ve opted for a new home with a garden office that you have recently financed through a help to buy repayment with the help of Sam Conveyancing, you are already breaking from the norm to some extent. There is a good chance you envisioned a peaceful, comfortable setting in which to work. For any office space to be comfortable, however, it must be maintained at a good temperature. This can be a particular challenge for garden offices.

Why It’s Important to Learn More About Accounting

Knowledge is power and learning more about accounting can help you understand the financial statements of your company. It will help you to keep track of all of your transactions and the impact of those transactions on profit. Understanding accounting can also help you to make better business decisions. A business that is well-capitalised will do better than one that is undercapitalised. The following tips will help you learn more about accounting.

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Whether you’re a student, business owner or an average employee, accounting will help you plan your finances more effectively. You’ll be able to balance your spending and income, and have more money left over for savings and investment. You’ll be able to invest wisely and learn about appreciation. If you’re a professional, it will help you understand how to deal with the tax man and make smart investments. But don’t worry. With the help of a qualified accountant, you’ll be able to understand the intricacies of accounting and become more knowledgeable. For advice from Accountants Bath, go to a company like Chippendale & Clark

If you’re a business owner, accounting will be beneficial to you in more ways than one. It will help you save money and be more self-sufficient. It will also help you understand how to handle your own money. It will help you to know exactly how much you’re earning and how much you owe.

Accounting is essential for organisations today. Having basic knowledge about the financial statements of a business is an advantage, since the ability to use the data it generates will help organisations make sound decisions. If you’re a student who wants to advance in your career, learning more about accounting can help you navigate the complexities of your finances and make informed decisions. It will also give you the skills necessary to understand your own finances and responsibilities in the future.

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Accounting is an essential skill for all students. Although some students may find it difficult, others find it fascinating. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, learning more about accounting can help you understand your own finances and make smarter decisions. It can also help you understand how to handle your own business. In addition to this, a business owner should learn the basics of accounting in order to maximise profits.

Understanding the principles of accounting can be helpful for many reasons. It helps you understand why a certain amount of money is needed, and it will help you create a budget. If you want to invest, you can learn more about how to use these principles. It will also help you understand the concept of appreciation, which is vital when it comes to investing. Lastly, it can help you understand why you should know more about accounting.