How to catch a rabbit?

How to catch a rabbit

How to catch a rabbit?

Catching a rabbit is a very hard thing to do. They are fast and agile, so catching one is no easy task. You can always use an invisibility cloak! But in case you have no invisibility cloak on hand, here are some other methods for catching a rabbit.

How to catch a rabbit?

How to catch a rabbit

1. Concussion Grenade- Works best with larger animals. Two or three of these will knock the rabbit out long enough to catch it when it falls over. Less effective against smaller animals, but can still help.

2. Deadfall Trap- Will kill the rabbit once it steps on the trigger plate. It is best to make the deadfall over a hole, so you can collect your dinner without having to touch it.

3. Snare Trap- Sticks in the ground will make this one easy for you to spot, with no need for bait. The only issue with this trap is that once caught, the rabbit can’t be reset.

4. Snare Trap Mk II- This version of the snare trap will allow you to reset your trap after use. It uses a more complicated trigger mechanism though, so it may take some practice before you get it right every time.

5. Trip Wire- The trip wire won’t kill the rabbit, but it will make direct contact, so you can catch it when it comes to investigate. Another good trap for bigger animals where a concussion grenade would be too much.

6. Watch your Motion Tracker- This probably isn’t the most reliable way to catch a rabbit, but if you have nothing else then just follow the bunny. When it comes into contact with another creature, you can catch that instead.

7. Noose Knot- This is a good beginner trap for smaller game like rabbits, but you should probably upgrade to something bigger if you are looking to take down bigger prey.

8. Work Your Way Up- If all else fails, you can always start small and work your way up. Rabbits are omnivores (eat plants and meat), so they won’t care if the only thing you catch is insects or something smaller like that.

Best bait to catch a rabbit

The best bait to catch a rabbit is simply cheese. Rabbits love milk and cheese. So if you see a white pile of something on the ground, chances are it’s either some kind of food or it’s bait.

Any small animal makes good bait for catching rabbits: dead birds, dead mice, etc. You can get creative with it if you want, but some cheese works best.

Catching a rabbit is no easy task, as they are not only fast and agile, but they will detect predators from miles away. So catching a rabbit can be a challenge even for a seasoned hunter.

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